Boost Sales Now! Start Bundling On Amazon – 2021

Amazon Listing Bundles

Get A Sales & Conversion Boost by Creating Amazon Product Bundle Listings

Amazon Product Bundle Listings are an effective method to boost sales, create unique listings and add additional revenue.  It also creates a great opportunity because it increases the average sale which increases revenue.   Selling 3 individual products at $15 each costs more than selling a bundle of 3 at $45. due to fees.

Bundling increases the perceived value of the purchase because if you bundle the complimentary products together, you are saving the buyer time purchasing the other item as well.   Listing Bundles also are an effective way to create unique offers on Amazon giving you your own listing, making buy box ownership easier.  


Changing the list price often threatens your ownership of the buy box even on listings where you are the only seller.   Amazon interprets large price fluctuations as an attempt to pad the price.   You are better off setting the list price just a little high and setting a promo price that can be adjusted.   Amazon provides the promo price box as a way to adjust pricing without sending them incorrect signals.

Bundling isn’t the same as selling multipacks. In other words, if you have 5 vanilla candles or 5 candles of different fragrances you don’t have a product bundle, what you have here is a multipack, both are excellent options.  You need to understand the difference. 

Bundle Types

  • Mixed bundling - here, you offer products that can be sold both in a bundle or as a standalone items. Used well if you have a specific product line.
  • Cross industry bundling - you are offering products from more than one company, but these products still have to complement each other.   This is a very effective strategy because it makes it much harder for other sellers to get on your listing and it is a great way to offer added value that the branded vendor cannot.
  • New or lesser product bundling - you are offering a combination of newer or less successful products with other, more popular products, to boost sales It’s a great tactic to increase sales and also, if done properly, gets you the Buy Box.
Amazon Product Bundle Listings

Bundle Strategy

One of the best reasons to bundle is to eliminate competition. Create your own unique listing using products from different manufacturers. Bundles are tricky to copy, and because of this, you have less competition.

You can re-use your own inventory, creating more product options, giving you a 10 to 1, offering opportunity over your competition &  dominating your category. If you are a newbie, bundles are a great way to build equity and to see which items get sold the fastest. 

Bundling leads to increased revenue and market-share!   With a little planning, bundling is a great tool to establish your own listings as well as offer additional perceived product value that Branded Vendors cannot offer

Bundling Methods

Use your FBA products to boost your Amazon store’s search-ability so more customers find you & your offers.  Bundles sent through FBA can be done 2 ways.   

  1. 1
    A. The simplest is to prepackage your bundle assign it a sku and asin and send it to FBA as an individual unit.
  2. 2
    Leave the item as separate listings and offer the bundle as FBM.   When the order comes in, you create a manual fulfillment order.  Don't forget to go back in after the order ships and add the tracking number to both items.    This incurs an additional manual fulfillment fee but works very well to test which bundles work best. This is also known as virtual bundling.
  3. 3
    Or, you can just keep some stock out of FBA and fill the bundles yourself.  This incurs the least amount of fees.  

Increase brand recognition within your product categories with 2x, 4x, 10x the listings of bundled items.   If you’re selling only a few products a day, you definitely should look at this strategy – especially if you have stale inventory.

If you’re selling hundreds of products, you’re sitting on a gold mine of untapped revenue potential!

How To Start Selling Bundles On Amazon

  • 1
    Choose items that complement each other.  Assign a unique sku and asin to the bundle.
  • 2
    Include the word bundle and the amount of items in the bundle in the title
  • 3
    The first bullet must indicate that the item is a bundle of "X" number of items and the items must be listed out in that bullet
  • 4
    The description in the detail page for your bundle must state that the product is a bundle and must also identify the products in the bundle (with appropriate designators, such as model number, color, and size).
  • 5
    The primary image must show all of the items in the bundle and nothing else.
  • 6
    Once you create a bundle, you may not modify the components of that bundle. 
  • 7
    If you list a product bundle, you must accept the entire bundle as a return and refund it as a single unit.
  • 8
    A bundle cannot contain any separate warranty products or extended service plans.


Bundle Restrictions

  • No media bundles; books, DVD’s, video games, etc. 
  • A bundle may be listed in a single category only, even if the products comprising the bundle are from multiple categories. If a bundle includes products from multiple categories, it may be listed only in the category of the highest priced item in the bundle.   
  • Do not include generic products in a bundle, as it may mislead customers into thinking the generic product belongs to the same brand as one of the branded products in the bundle. Generic products are identified as items with no brand whatsoever on the product or packaging (not just widely unrecognized brands).
  • If an item is a multi-pack, such as six pairs of socks, list it as a single product and not as a bundle.
  • If an item is a variation of a parent product, list it as a variation within the parent product’s family and not as a bundle.

Track Bundles With Spreadsheets

          Each column should identify the following.

  1. 1
    Identify the items you want in each of your bundles. Are they stand alone listings or child variations?
  2. 2
    Add a personalized SKU and your new UPC code for each bundle
  3. 3
    Create the bundle title, bullets and description
  4. 4
    Create your HERO image of bundled items for each new listing
  5. 5
    Now copy and paste your prepared info into seller central ADD PRODUCT or in your category specific FLAT FILE to create your new listings & UPLOAD. Instructions for using flat files can be found in our article Amazon Product Classification
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The Final Word- Amazon Product Bundle Listings Are A Competitive Advantage

Using bundles effectively can multiply your product offering without any extra outlay of money and supercharge your incoming revenue.

Where is a good place to get ideas for bundles?   Check out the "Frequently Bought Together" feature below your product listing. This tells you what your customers have also purchased when they have bought your product.

What is the fastest way to create bundles without having to BUY MORE inventory?  By re-using what you already have in FBA, without having to physically bundle products – saving you time, money, and risk (especially for products that expire)!

Success in E commerce and specifically Amazon depends on your ability to be unique through your products offered, added value, or your unique value proposition.    Bundling is a huge step towards developing your own specific style, building on your brand awareness.  

See Amazons Full Bundle Policy 

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