What is Quora Used For? Quora Question & Answer site is a social media platform and search engine that provides valuable discussions on various topics. Quora is a social network based on Question & Answers. While other sites are highly visual, Quora is not. Users go there specifically to ask, answer or read questions, a lot of them. According to Continue Reading

Pinterest Helping Ecommerce With Idea Ads And Other Tools Last week, Pinterest announced the release of Idea Ads and the Paid Partnership Tool. These new tools add to Pinterest's 2022 minor changes that focus on creators, brands, and e-commerce. These changes now make Pinterest much more appealing for e-commerce sellers than they have been. Traditionally, Pinterest has been a great traffic Continue Reading

TikTok marketing seems to be all the rage right now. Is it as good as they say, and is it right for your business? Keep reading to find out. How are the ad platforms treating you? Most of them follow the same pattern. They are pretty good for a while, and then the platform gets a little greedy and prices them out Continue Reading

What Is A Brand Advocate? A brand advocate is a loyal customer who advocates for your company through content creation and recommendations to friends, family, and others on the different online platforms and in person. Their positive words help build your brand’s reputation, promote your business, and create new buyers. Many new sellers consider branding and successful social media as Continue Reading

How To Use Social Listening To Boost Brand Awareness Reach And Sales?   What Is Social Listening?   Social listening is the process of monitoring conversations on the Internet and social media platforms for mentions of your brand, competitors, emerging trends, and any variety of keyword phrases that you choose to target.You use these conversations to gather information about your target audience, Continue Reading

What Are The Best Influencer Marketing Tools And Platforms For 2022   Many sites and SAAS systems like to refer to themselves as the best social influencer marketing tools or platform. Today, we are going to provided you with a list of many different influencer tool options.  These are influencer marketing tools that we use and recommend. Many are free tools Continue Reading

Find Influencers, Brand Ambassadors And Brand Advocates To Build Viral Content For Your Brand   How do I find influencers for my brand?  How can I effectively find and utilize influencers, advocates and brand ambassadors to build my brand?   I hear these questions and others every single day, numerous times.    My answer is always you can start by looking all around Continue Reading

Influencer Marketing Strategy 2022- Our Best Tips and Ideas    Suppose you came here for help, looking for Influencer Marketing Strategy, tips, and ideas on maximizing the potential of your collaboration with social media influencers. In that case, you are in the right place. Successful Influencer marketing is a partnership between the brand and influencer.    Influencer Marketing is when a single person Continue Reading

Your Influencer Marketing Guide For Launching Products and Brand Growth What is Influencer Marketing?   Influencer marketing is when a brand collaborates with a social media figure who uses the influence and trust from their audience to promote the brands' products through endorsements or recommendations For potential customers, social media influencers carry a bit of authority and are a valuable source Continue Reading

Customer Experience: Changing Customer Behaviors - How A Marketplace Seller Can Benefit   Did you know that 66% of consumers now rate customer experience over price when it comes to making a purchase decision?   This trend has been growing for several years according to a 2019 report by marketing agency Merkle.     Now, there are multiple new studies out backing this Continue Reading