Influencer Marketing For Launching Products and Building Sales In 2021For potential customers, social media influencers carry a bit of authority, and are a trusted source of information.  They learn which products work the best, which products are cool, and which products they should invest in and purchase.Recent studies and trends are showing that people are Continue Reading

Customer Experience: Changing Customer Behaviors – How A Marketplace Seller Can BenefitDid you know that 66% of consumers now rate customer experience over price when it comes to making a purchase decision?   This trend has been growing for several years according to a 2019 report by marketing agency Merkle.    Now, there are multiple new studies Continue Reading

Check out all of the different podcast appearances featuring most of the podcasts and interviews that I can remember from the last couple of years.  I know I’m missing a few and will add them as I come to them.  I had a long run with Danny McMillan in 2020 as you can see below. Continue Reading

People often ask, what are you doing for clients to get more reviews. That statement makes zero sense. It is up to the buyer to leave a review and not something a seller has any direct control over.This article will assist you by providing insight on how to really get more reviews from real buyers Continue Reading

Selling On Amazon Europe From USA – Is It Worth The Effort?Is it worth the effort to expand your business and sell on Amazon Europe in 2021?Thousands of US business people have made the decision to enter the Fulfillment by Amazon Program. Many have confined their business dealings to their country of origin, developing successful Continue Reading

Pinterest Marketing Tips & Best Practice For Business In 2021The Pinterest For Business Marketing Tips in this Best Practice Guide are intended to help you make the most of Pinterest.   Whether you are on Pinterest or not, understand this, Pinterest is continually growing and still the #1 driver of referral traffic for Ecommerce!  Pinterest Continue Reading