Dec 19

Amazon Business Models For Sellers

By Joe | Business Planning

Of the different Amazon Business Models for sellers that can be followed, which is the best for a new seller?  Budding Amazon sellers should be asking that question before jumping in and seeking a product.  Instead, they ask, what product should I sell online?  Traditional business teaches to develop a product/brand and then build your business […]

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Sep 28

Q4 Prep To Ensure Success

By Joe | Business Planning

The web is bristling with Q4 prep checklists in every shape size and flavor listing best practice after best practice. The one conclusion that one must take away from any of them is that there is no such thing as over prepared.My job is to see through the clutter and conjecture, creating a clear path […]

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Aug 21

Amazon Keyword Update 2017

By Joe | Optimization

9/18/2017 UPDATE – Since writing this article, Amazon Keyword Update 2017, I have been indexing for 1250 characters across many different categories. Sales were up and we were indexing with no issues. The hammer fell last week as I noticed the last of the categories indexing for 1250 close up and only index for 250. […]

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