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Introduction To Google Ads For Ecommerce

Lesson 1

Increase Your Sales With Google Ads

Google Ads (aka Google AdWords) is a fantastic online advertising option for any business and an even better option for online sellers. Google Ads, both display and search, reach a whopping 90% of Internet users across the globe. Over 3.5 billion Google searches occur every day! Google Ads are a great way to get your website, business, content, even your viewpoint in front of the eyes of citizens all around the world quickly if that is what you choose to do..

For every $1 spent on Google Ads, it results in an average of $2 in revenue
 for the average business owner? The potential ROI and worldwide exposure are hard to beat. Google Ads are a fantastic way to grow your potential audience regardless of the platform that you sell on.  

3.5 Billion Searches

Over 3.5 billion searches are conducted daily on Google

Of Internet Users

Google Ads reach 90% of Internet users

1:2 ROI

Ad Spent:Revenue Ratio

Every $1. spent results in $2. revenue om average

You may have heard that between 54 and 72% of all US shoppers begin their shopping search on Amazon. The studies state that up to 72% of shoppers search on Amazon before making the purchase decision. The small play on words creates a significant gap in understanding.

Most of those shoppers first research their issues on Google to arrive at the realization that they have a problem or that a product as a solution may exist.  

Sellers overlook that Amazon is neither a social platform nor one where people gather or congregate.   They go there for one purpose, to shop, and Amazon is very effective at presenting products and options in a way that the shopping experience is streamlined.  

Google Is The #1 Search Engine

Google is still the number 1 search engine, and it is the place shoppers go online when searching for information, comparisons, reviews, & videos before shopping.

In a recent Kenshoo survey, 85% of respondents use Google as the most visited place they go for product information before making a purchase. In the US, over 63% of online searches take place on Google, and 93% of mobile US searches occur on Google.  

Amazon is undoubtedly making much headway into Google's dominant hold on product search. However, we are only talking about the US here. Amazon does not have anywhere near the effect on Google elsewhere that it does within the US.

Google May Be #1 But Amazon Is Making Significant Headway

Google May Be #1 But Amazon Is Making Significant Headway

A significant advantage of Amazon is that searchers usually are further along in the buying process than Google searchers. People using Google search typically are spread out across the buyer journey particularly focused in the awareness and consideration stages.   If you are only focused on Amazon and the audience contained within its' membership, this can be seen as an advantage.

If you have a broader vision for your business and seek more than just the audience offered by Amazon, then Google presents quite an attractive method to target 9 times as many people and a worldwide stage.  

Google also offers Amazon sellers a method to get their brand and products in front of people earlier in the journey, hopefully establishing recognition and trust. The more buyer/brand interaction before the decision-making process, the better your chances are of getting the buy.   

When a potential buyer sees you on Google and Amazon or whatever the platform is they are using, the increased awareness improves your chances of making the sale. If you are not achieving good ranking on Amazon and not getting seen by potential buyers, you can get your listing seen on Google and generate traffic with that method.

Why Google Ads?

Why even care about Google Ads? Face it, building a healthy business on Amazon is not easy. It takes much time, effort, and investment. Why expand off of Amazon? What's in it for you?

You have more to lose by not understanding how to effectively drive your traffic than you do by making an effort to learn it. Success can be fleeting when you put all of your business flow through one method.  Leveraging multiple marketing channels to sustain your business, whether it is different platforms, content, advertising, or a mix of all of them, strengthens your business.   

Regardless of any marketing initiative, if your product listing, landing page, squeeze page, isn't optimized to convert, you are wasting your effort. Understanding your target audience and their triggers, craft your messages.

Google Display Network reaches into all corners of the globe

Google Display Network reaches into all corners of the globe

List Building, Retargeting & Email Marketing

Take control of your business by leveraging Google to drive your traffic. Drive your traffic to a landing page or squeeze page in between the Google Ad and Amazon. Many websites provide page building tools Click Funnels, Thrive Themes, Lead Pages, LandingCube as well as Amazon-specific services.

Many different strategies can be used with the landing page. Some sellers offer a discount; others offer added value using a lead magnet of some sort in exchange for the buyers' email, while others use it as a pre-platform filter and miss the chance to collect the email.    

When you collect emails before the buyer gets to Amazon, they are your referral to Amazon, and you should include them in whatever marketing stack that you have. We recommend that you do not contact them in regards to the Amazon sale outside of Amazon to stay within TOS. However, I am aware that plenty of sellers do communicate and ask for reviews.  

Running traffic through a landing page also gives you the chance to add tracking to the page and remarket to the various segments of your list. Driving your traffic using Google Ads enables you to set up your own sales funnels and direct your traffic wherever you desire. Driving traffic is your first significant step towards diversifying your marketing strategies that will have a considerable impact.

We recommend including Amazon and several other payment options at the end of your landing page. This enables you to capture the non-Amazon buyers that end up in your funnel. You could easily add a stripe payment button, Shopify, or wherever else you may sell. Let your potential audience pay using whatever option you provide where they are comfortable.

Buyer Journey Retargeting

Benefits Of Buyer Journey Retargeting

Risk & Reward

Diversification is key to being able to survive a significant unplanned change on any platform. When you have multiple streams of traffic from different places, losing anyone or even several is not the end of the business.  

There will be problems at some point on every platform. On Amazon, this can be suspension, competition, even Amazon entering your category with a similar product. Diversifying your traffic allows you to continue making sales.  

If you get suspended but have an email list, it doesn't take much to pivot to a new platform and resume selling. A simple email to your members can alert them that you have moved and are available elsewhere.

Google Ads For Ecommerce Sales & Growth

As you can probably tell by now, this workshop will focus on Google Ads, how to build your Ecommerce sales and grow your brand.  There are many different objectives that google Ads can be used for.  

You will learn the fundamentals and learn about the different components.  We will show you how to set up your account initially, use Google Ads to grow your Ecommerce sales, apply some advanced optimization features and give you some basic ongoing upkeep tips to keep performance up.  

This workshop was initiated out of a desire to provide sellers with a quick and easy way to boost q4 sales and it still does.  It also offers sellers with some knowledge of the subject additional information to maximize the potential.  

Ecommerce is not as simple as it once was, although it didn't seem easy then either.   The point is in today's world with competition what it is, simply posting a product and letting it roll does not work.  

A bonus lesson has been added going over how to use Google Ads to build your brand and appeal to your potential audience at multiple stages of the buyers journey using content.

Throughout the Workshop we will provide you with the slides for the current lesson as well as any needed worksheets for the next lessen right here.