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Creating Powerful Titles, Sharing Content & Key Trends

Lesson 7 Section 3

Making It All Work Together

Now you know how Pinterest works and how it judges you and the work that you do.  It is time to take a step back and look at the big picture. 

The 4 principle factors:

  • Domain Quality
  • Pin Quality
  • Pinner Quality
  • Relevance

  • But Joe, I dont have my own website and am not a content creator.  What should I do?  How does Etsy, Instagram or YouTube resolve that for me.?  Ready for the big reveal?  This is what Amazon, SquareSpace, Shopify and the other big companies do not want you to know.  There are other ways to do this and be successful.

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    Content Creation

    Etsy is another selling channel.  YouTube and Instagram(think Facebook) are your content outlets.  I'm not a writer Joe, how am I supposed to produce content?  One way is to engage your audience on Facebook, share it to Instagram, Pin it from there.  

    Using Pinterest, you can search for and find trending topics and hashtags in your niche.   You are using the strength of the platform to deliver information it craves while gaining benefit towards your goals at the same time.  

    Instead of posting it on Facebook or in addition, you can create a video on YouTube or transform a presentation into a video on YouTube and pin from there to Pinterest.  

    PRO TIP: For a added boost, consider creating a YouTube live event. You can create a live event using pre-recorded material.  Posting it as a live event, instantly elevates it to news in the eyes of google which indexes the content in minutes and gives your video authority in the google ranking index.  

    If producing content is still a hassle for you, consider a site like textbrokers, where you can have writers compete for the job at very reasonable rates.  Regardless of what you do, you have to start with the structure as it applies to and benefits your SEO and goals.  

    This lesson is dedicated to helping you understand and learn to create engaging titles that fit your goals while benefiting the algorithm.  Some of this may seem repetitive, it is worth it since getting it right could me a windfall of sales for you.

    Focus On The End Result - Sell The Experience

    Once you’ve chosen a topic you’ll want to create an eye-catching post title. Post titles need to focus on the result / transformation / end goal (however simple it may be). For example, I wouldn’t write “20 Pinterest tips,” I would write “20 Pinterest tips to boost your traffic today.”

    Your product listings, ads should all be the same way. Focus on the end result of making the purchase, I'm not buying paint stripper because I like the smell or because it is safe to pour down the drain when finished, I'm buying it for the clean usable surface that will be left after so I can do whatever I am going to do next to the surface.

    If you look at the screenshot below, you may notice that many of these post titles have something in common - they are made up of three elements. A number, the subject, and the outcome.

    Optimized Titles
    Pinterest Keywords


    Keywords in your Profile and Board descriptions give more information about all the Pins on the board. Always save a new Pin first to the most relevant board. That data travels with your Pins across Pinterest. Give your Pin all the advantages you can!

    The description of the first board you Pin a new Pin to helps categorize your Pin on all of Pinterest.   Also, Pinterest has warned that saving your Pin to irrelevant boards may hurt its distribution.  

    Once you have saved the Pin to the most relevant board, wait several days before pinning it to other boards to ensure that you are not sending confusing signals to Pinterest.  We recommend not ever pinning something to multiple boards at the same time.  Multiple boards are a must if they are relevant, however, wait 4 days between each board pinning. 

    Create Powerful Titles

    The titles below and on the attached worksheet are examples.  You can easily create a post like this on FB, share it to Instagram and then Pin it if you do not have a site. Or you could easily, create a PowerPoint presentation out of a top 10 list, save it as a video and post it to YouTube.  Excuses as to why you cannot will not get you any traffic.  Find a reason to do it, not an excuse why you cannot!

    Post titles like this make it 100 percent clear what the user will learn and how they’ll benefit . . .

    • The top 10 organization tools for stressed-out moms
    • 6 crowd-pleasing cookie recipes to bake this Christmas
    • Skip the ponytail and try these 10 easy hairstyles

    Post titles can also hint at something and use intrigue to attract clicks and pins . . .

    • The one thing I should have done before _ _ _ _ _ _
    • How to tell if _ _ _ _ _
    • The thing they never tell you in _ _ _ _ _

    For those of you that are writing recipes or DIY tutorials, you can be straightforward with your post titles. . .

    • Strawberry shortcake cupcakes
    • Shabby chic mason jar candle holders
    • Simple DIY terrariums
    Pinterest Keywords

    Don’t underestimate the power of a post roundup . . .

    • 15 Best Posts From 2018
    • 10 Unique House Plans From The Net
    • Top 10 User Contributed Stories

    Include Keywords In Your Titles

    Post titles are important not just for helping them get pinned on Pinterest, but also for SEO, sharing on Twitter and Facebook, and generally attracting the attention of your audience.  A smart marketer should consider Pinterest a vital part of keyword research prior to any new blog post or content creation as this is becoming an easy way to distinguish what is trending and what people are looking for.

    Let’s look at this example . . .
    Pinterest Search

    In this instance, the word “DIY” is more popular than the word “hacks,” so it would be better to use “DIY” in post titles, images, and pin descriptions to help give it a higher chance of receiving pins.

    Pinterest Title SEO

    You could call your post “Easiest German Chocolate Cupcakes,” adding a few extra descriptors like “from scratch” or “best” would give your title a boost, as well as swapping “easiest” for “easy.”

    How Do We Put This Into Practice?

    Once a month review Pinterest and scan popular words, phrases, and content, and then use that information to build a list of possible topics. (This takes all of a few minutes.)

    Once you chose a topic and have finished writing a post, go back and double-check that the words used in the post title and description work well with the popular search terms and make any adjustments to give the content a better chance for being pinned. (This takes about 2 minutes.)

    Do Photos ALWAYS Need The Title On Them?

    The answer is no, BUT in order to stand out, the photos you pin need to be REALLY good and HIGHLY curated. This means you should only pin things that fit into a certain aesthetic and color palette and match a specific lifestyle that your content and brand promote.

    How do you determine where to start with specifying a specific lifestyle?  You should have already created multiple Buyer Personas for your product audience and have a good idea of the type of lifestyle choices and expectations that they have.  If not, now is a great time to start.  

    A thorough Buyer Persona will make other decisions regarding content, and direction much easier.  Follow the directions for finding your Target Audience and creating Buyer Personas if you haven't already done so.  The worksheet is included at the bottom of this lesson as well.

    If you are pinning your own content and want to share multiple images, include at least one that has the title on it.

    Boards With Seasonal Content

    Holiday and seasonal content can bring in a big boost of traffic, so write new content to fit the season or check through your archives and pin content that fits with the season. Make sure to add words like spring, summer, Valentine’s, Halloween into the post title and description to give it a better chance of showing up in the Smart Search. 

    If it fits within your niche, you can also create seasonal/holiday boards to generate more traffic and pins. Many subjects do not really have anything seasonal to warrant a whole board, but here are two titles incorporating season and holidays into an otherwise bland subject.

    Spring Cleaning: 6 ways to refresh your content today

    50 gift ideas for your fave blogger or biz owner

    In the example below, Better Homes and Gardens does a great job with their fall theme utilizing color, holidays, seasonal favorites and keywords

    Pinterest Themes


    Lets' be honest.  Creating content is not the easiest task.  Creating engaging content is even harder.  Particularly when you are buried and have other things to do which may be more pressing.  The key to continuing to have too much to do in the future is accepting the truth now. 

    Content creation, moving towards becoming an authority on your products is going to be the key difference between sustainable eCommerce in the future and barely getting by.  It is your decision.  

    There are options for content creation if you cannot do it yourself that are well worth the investment.  There are services for hire to create content for you or you can check out some of our other workshops regarding content creation.  

    Either way, it is important to the future of your business.  Doing so has multiple benefits besides those from this workshop.  It is a great way to build your list.  Your list is your business base!

    Attached are several worksheets.  One is the Buyer Persona Worksheet set.  Even if you have done this before.  It is to your advantage to revisit it and update accordingly.  The lesson specific worksheet is an exercise on writing titles.  

    As with the other worksheets given out, you should focus on your categories.  Change the examples in the worksheet to apply to your categories.  The goal is for you to have a list of potential titles that you can use in the future or to give to a service and say I need an engaging article written that is titled...

    Lesson Essentials

    Download and print these documents to follow along at home.

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