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Rich And Promoted Pins

Lesson 12 Section 4

"Rich Pins are a type of organic Pin format that provides more context about an idea by showing extra information directly on the PinRich Pins are a free product available for anyone on Pinterest. You can identify Rich Pins by the extra information above and below the image on closeup and the bold title in grid." Pinterest Help Section

Rich pins are pins that use the metadata on your site to include extra information on the pin itself rather than just plain images. This metadata comes via the Facebook Open Graph metadata. 

Rich pins help improve your potential reader’s experience with your pins. They tell pinners what your article, recipe, or product is about. Think of rich Pins as ad copy for your post.

There Are 6 Types Of Rich Pins:

  • App
  • Movie
  • Recipe
  • Article
  • Product
  • Place

Each will include information like a button to install an app, a map, a headline + author, a price, ingredients + cooking times.

Rich Pins

How Do Rich Pins Create Value

Rich Pins provide greater detail about your pins and products which is intended to improve and expand your audience's experience and involvement. It tells pinners exactly what to expect from that pin, similar to a synopsis.

The main goal of Rich pins is to engage your audience, tie them to your brand and motivate their click.

Here are some things Pinterest has said:

[pullquote align=”normal” cite=”Best Practice Guide, The art of a Pin – 2016″]Use rich pins wherever possible so your brand and other useful details stay on the Pin as it gets saved.[/pullquote]

[pullquote align=”normal” cite=”Pinterest 101 for Pinsiders, Enhance your Content – 2017″]One of the best ways to make Pins helpful and actionable is by using Rich Pins, since they automatically include extra information right on the Pin.

The information added to the Rich Pins stays with it from pin to pin, unlike comments and descriptions. If you update the post or original content, all of the pins update as well.

Rich Pins are a great reason for establishing a website for your brand. Many marketplace sellers do not have websites as well. You don't need a million dollar e-commerce store. A free several page site as a brand HQ is plenty

Pinterest also has some incredible stats about Rich Pins 

[pullquote align=”normal” cite=” Pinterest 101 for Pinsiders, Enhance your Content – 2017″] got a 40% increase in referral traffic from Pinterest within the first week of setting up Rich Pins. Since then, traffic from Pinterest has continued to grow by 70% each year.

Later in the workshop, we set you up with a weekly plan to actually spend very little time with Pinterest but still maximizing the potential that you will benefit from the free traffic.

Setting Up Rich Pins

WordPress - Add the correct metadata is as easy as using a plugin like Yoast Seo
Click on Social (in the left sidebar under SEO) and then into Facebook and make sure Open Graph is enabled.


A different plugin would be: Article Rich Pins Plugin

Verify your rich pins by verifying your website's Open Graph data: Go to and enter a URL to a page or post (like a post) that contains rich pin data. Note: You only need to validate one URL to apply for Rich Pins on your entire domain. No need to submit all of your URLs!

If you are a SquareSpace user, all of their posts and pages have rich pins enabled by default! You can connect your SquareSpace account to Pinterest by going into Settings > Connected Accounts.

Promoted Pins

Promoted pins are like ads on Pinterest - you pay for each engagement like a close-up, pin, or click. This feature is currently only available to those in the US. Promoted Pins don’t interrupt or distract Pinners. They actually make Pinterest better, because they help people find new products and ideas. In fact, according to Pinterest, 73% of Pinners say that content from brands makes Pinterest more useful.

  • CHOOSE the pin you’d like to promote, so that it’s shown in relevant search results.
  • TARGET the audience - Targeting options include location, language, gender, devices and keywords.
  • PAY for website visits you receive (you only pay when they click).
  • TRACK your campaign to see what’s working and what’s not.

You can also promote Buyable Pins. Promoting Buyable Pins turns Pinterest into a fully fledged e-commerce channel, from advertising to sale all within the platform.

PRO TIP:  Utilize keywords and keyword phrases on each promoted pin you create. This helps you rank higher in search engines and ensures the people who are looking for content just like yours will find you. These keywords aren’t visible on the pin—they work behind the scenes as targeting criteria.

Promoted Pin
Promoted Pins

How to Use Promoted Pins to Increase Sales

It is important to keep in mind that promoted pins are simply pins that get extra promotion, not ads.  You cannot include promotional information or calls to action in your image, nor can you include a price anywhere on your image or in your pin description.

Three ways to ensure success with Promoted Pins
  • Find your highest revenue-generating pins and promote them first
  • Find out what pinners are searching for
  • Optimize your landing pages
YouTube video

Promoted Carousel on Pinterest

Pinterest Carousel

Promoted Carousel is available to businesses on Pinterest looking to achieve brand awareness goals or performance goals like traffic and conversions. This format can present a product’s numerous features, drive additional purchases by showing multiple items in a Pin or increase awareness with a multi-image brand story.

YouTube video

People on Pinterest are uniquely open to inspiration and discovery, so Promoted Carousel allows businesses to tap into that mindset with immersive experiences that create excitement for their products and services.

Promoted Video At Max. Width

Promoted Video at max. width is now available for all Pinterest advertisers, now with two formats to choose from when showcasing videos on Pinterest. Videos at standard width are the same size as all other Pins on Pinterest and videos at maximum width are ~4x bigger, spanning across Pinterest’s iconic two-column grid. In this case, bigger does mean better: we’ve seen increased engagement rates for this format as Pinners take notice of this high-impact video.

YouTube video

During our early tests for the max. width format, advertisers saw efficient costs-per-view and lifts in brand awareness metrics.

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