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Lesson 13 Section 4

Best Immediate Use

 Optimize Your Images

Pinterest’s vertical aspect ratio guide says:

  • Vertical Pins take up more space and tend to stand out more
  • The ideal aspect ratio for a vertical Pin is 2:3—600px wide x 900px high
  • Square images—600px wide x 600px high—can work well, too.
  • Pins longer than 1260px high will get cut off, and people will only see the entirety of the Pin when they tap it for a closeup.
  • Pinterest optimizes Pins that fit within these preferred aspect ratios.

So tall images work well and the optimum size that we recommend is 800px by 1200px which maintains the 2:3 ration but also enables you to use the image on other platforms.

However, you can experiment with making your images even longer to take up more space.   A good example of long vertical images that do well in Pinterest are infographics.

Ensure Links Work

You should always make sure that your links work when you’re using Pinterest for business.  There is nothing worse than a user finding one of your awesome products only to be hit with a 404 error page because you removed the product from your store.

Using Buyable Pins can be a great way to keep track of this, as the Buyable Pin will not be displayed if a product is out of stock.

Try Using Zoomed Images

Track Maven found that zoomed in images are more engaging.   Brands like L’oreal tend to use zoomed in images of features to market their products.   Based on available research, images that contain 40% or more background receive 2 to 4 times fewer saves.

Add Links In Multiple Locations

By including your link to your pin and board descriptions, you’ll improve your site click rate easily and effortlessly. And don't forget to include the link to your website on your main profile page.

Zoomed Images create an oh wow response

This will increase traffic to your site's homepage.   If you have a user-friendly, attractive site, they will click around to see what else you have to offer them.    Make sure you keep your links as short as possible.

Use Both Wide And Narrow Keywords

By now, you now know how important utilizing keywords on Pinterest is. Don’t forget to use both broad and narrow keyword phrases. This will help you reach the most pinners in your target market.

Some people search for pins that are very specific, while others only have a general idea of what they are looking for. Playing both angles is the smart way to choose keywords for your marketing on Pinterest

Tag Influencers 

Like on other social media platforms, you can tag influencers in your niche when you save their content. You'll want to do this strategically, but it's a good way to get noticed by others.

Everyone likes to feel appreciated, and by letting influencers know you find their content impressive enough to share with your followers, they are likely to reciprocate.  The first rule of proper networking with influencers in reciprocity.  If you contact them for the very first time and ask them to tweet, shout out or plug your content, expect to pay or be turned down.  

Instead, share some of their content, Comment, with valuable comments on their material, get your name out where they might see it.  Then when you engage them, they will be a bit more open to you and many charge less to people in their group that already participate.

Pin Products Multiple Times

Make multiple pins of each product from multiple angles as well as showcasing the benefits. Be sure to always include your link/URL in multiple places.  Be sure to vary the keywords and descriptions, utilizing long-tail phrases that are relevant.  

Utilize all of your product images from a product listing, first ensuring they are optimized for pinning.  Create a pin for each feature, benefit or point made in your content.  

If you have 5 products, You should have approx. 25 different pins, all emphasizing a different point.  

Create step-by-step tutorial images

Visual Instructional Tutorials With Youtube

Something I suggest to sellers all of the time is to take your instructions that you send with your product, using powerpoint or slideshare create slides and then a video.   Post the video to YouTube using proper SEO for Videos. 

The best way to maximize the effectiveness of Pinterest is to create multiple Boards per product with each section is a board based on a long tail keyword phrase that represents a different function or subject of the product.   What you end up with is multiple drivers of traffic based on the different phrases which will amplify the engagement and reach.

A simple way for you to start is to make visual tutorials on the different ways to use your product or even just a visual instruction on using it to start with  Show pinners you have easy how-to’s for them to follow to create their own DIY doohickeys. DYI-ers love Pinterest! You’ll grab their attention faster with an image that shows stages in a project and get more saves this way.

Rich Product Pins

You cannot create buyable pins for all products. This is where Rich Pins can help out. Using a Product Rich Pin the price and brand of your product can still be displayed.  The additional information includes that the product is in stock, the price, and where the user can buy the product.

Rich pins are not buy enabled. This method should be used if you would prefer to drive traffic to your store, rather than sell directly on Pinterest.    If you want to also sell directly on Pinterest you should use the Buyable Pins method as described above.

Pionterest Promoted Pin

Promote Your Pins

If you have a Pinterest business account and have claimed your website, then you can advertise on Pinterest

Promote your best performing products to increase engagement and return on ad spend. Simply click on the Pin you want to promote and fill in the ad campaign details. This works in a very similar way to Facebook ads. You can set a daily budget and define a target audience based on interests.

Change Up Your Promoted Pins Often

It may feel easier to leave a Promoted Pin as is for as long as it’s working. However, research shows that changing your images, descriptions and even keywords on Promoted Pins is more effective at reaching more pinners in your target market.

On that same note, if a Promoted Pin is not getting the attention you’d hoped, make changes to it while it’s still running to discover what it is exactly that pinners aren’t finding interesting. 

PRO TIP:  A mistake 98% of all sellers make  with keyword selection is not including buyer intent words and now also voice search words..  People are there to buy.  Do you want followers that are window shoppers or buyers?  Amazon specific keyword rules for inclusion on the back-end make no allowance for buyer intent.  

A simple method to jumpstart the building of a laser targeted following that are not just window shopping is to run some promoted pins using keyword phrases as your main form of targeting.  If you sell Nike's, always be sure to include phrases like buy Nikes, where to purchase Nikes, and target your competitors brand.  IF they are searching for your competitor, they are interested in the product, they may not yet know who you are.

Buyable Pins

Remember Buyable Pins make it so they can buy right there on the platform.   Remove all barriers and extra clicks when you sell directly on Pinterest.  Hint: The fees are much lower, as in Pinterest charges no fees!  

PRO TIP:  You can also promote Buyable Pins. Promoting Buyable Pins turns Pinterest into a fully fledged eCommerce channel, from advertising to sale all within the platform.

Buyable Pins

Product Showcase - Product Launches

Use Pinterest for product launches. You can get people hooked by creating a buzz on Pinterest so that once your product is launched, people are dying to buy it. To do this, create a board and start pinning your progress.

This is part of the pre-sell, something that should be a part of every launch. It is called building anticipation. 

Pinterest is the perfect vehicle to build anticipation for your launch. Use Pinterest for product launches.  You can get people hooked by creating a buzz on Pinterest so that once your product is launched, people are dying to buy it. To do this, create a board and start pinning your progress.

Show Product Uses

A big mistake marketers on Pinterest make on is pinning images of their products. The much better way to do this is to show how your products can be used. Your images will grab more attention when you show your target audience the multiple ways they too can use your product to make their lives better.

To help them imagine themselves using the product, so them its versatility

To help them imagine themselves using the product, show them its versatility.

The images that you have upgraded on Amazon to include visual references to the different benefits, add your logo to it and pin it. Those images should already compelling enough to grab a viewers’ eye. Create a board around each benefit. This is not about features.

How To + Lists

What format should you use for your content? If you take a minute to scroll through the popular posts in your niche (those that come up when you search for keywords), you will notice two things: approximately a million how-to posts and a ton of list posts. People LOVE them. They love to write them, they love to pin them, and they love to share them.

Not every post has to be a list or a how-to, but if you have got something you’re hoping will gain traction, then I would suggest taking advantage of things that you know will get some traction.

A popular list trick is to make each item on the list a different post on a different day! The 10 best ways to decorate for Christmas, starting the weekend after Thanksgiving. Tell them right in the post, return tomorrow for another great method to decorate your house for the Christmas holiday. It amplifies your potential reach because they now have 10 different shareable posts and creates engagement. Tie this directly to your pins for additional benefit.

Lesson Essentials

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