Driving Traffic – Resources and Articles – 2021

Driving Traffic and the ability to create your own demand are traits every website owner or online seller needs to survive online in 2020. You must learn and master locating or building your own communities to develop your audience and appeal to them.  

The rise of marketplaces and Amazon have led to a generation of sellers that are not taught how to do these basic principals of business that have been in play for centuries.   This has led to a whole set of tactics to build sales that are really designed to benefit the marketplace more than the seller.  

Giveaways and rebates are strategies that have their time and place.  Always, every time and forever should not be a feature of those strategies and are unsustainable strategies in the long-term.  If you are here looking for the quick fix of giving away so many units to rank, you have come to the wrong place.  It is not that those strategies are wrong, but as your only strategy, they are wasting your bottom line and future potential.

When that method disappears due to abuse or over-use, they have nothing to fall back on and desperately seek the next new trick due to their failure to create a customer base.   Meanwhile, our methods stay strong, solid and build a sustainable future.  Whether you realize this or not, the lifetime value of a list member is 10 times the amount of the initial purchase.  We have people on our mailing list that first purchased from us in 1999, 20 years ago.  

When you drive your own traffic, whether to your site or a marketplace like Amazon, you must make them a part of your community before they get into the Amazon funnel.  It is actually very simple and drops your acquisition costs into the bucket.  

Check back often as we add many resources and ways to drive traffic.  there is no one size fits all, that is extremely dangerous.  You must develop many traffic streams to solidify your business and protect your investment.