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Mar 17

Amazon Product Classification – Leveraging Data

By Joe | Dominate Amazon

Amazon Product Classification – Get It Right InitiallyYour Success May depend On ItAmazon has been working on the re-alignment of the browse tree nodes, which affects Amazon Product Classification. Product classification affects ranking, which affects sales. They have been moving and re-aligning the classification of many categories and subcategories. This happens at least once or […]

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Jan 23

Boost Sales Now! Start Bundling On Amazon – 2020

By Joe | Dominate Amazon

​Get A Sales & Conversion Boost by Creating Amazon Product Bundle Listings​ Amazon Product Bundle Listings is Part 3 in a series of posts about Dominating Amazon Product Listings. This post will explain how the Amazon A9 Algorithm is changing and what that means for sellers. Additional posts covering pre-launch research, competitive analysis, keyword & listing […]

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Jan 10

Marketplaces To Sell On Throughout The World 2020

By Joe | Brand Building

SELL YOUR PRODUCTS – MARKETPLACES To Sell On 2020FBA Prep, Ship and Fulfillment GuideThe ability to sell your products successfully relies on understanding who your target audience is and just as important, where to find them.  There are many options from a free standing website, social media platforms, and marketplaces.  At times finding marketplaces to […]

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Dec 05

Get On Page One Fast With The Amazon Launch List 2020

By Joe | Business Planning

Amazon Launch List 2020Launching a successful product on Amazon is a process plain and simple. Research, evaluation, discovery, strategic planning, testing, optimizing and adjusting to provide the foundation and the answers necessary to launch successfully. A successful launch entails much more than Amazon itself and varies by product and category. A thorough launch takes about […]

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