How To Drive Your Own Traffic Series: Leverage Google

By Joe | Business Planning

Sep 28
Drive your own traffic from Google

The rank of your products on Amazon could make or break your business.  Drive your own traffic from Google and Google properties and you will see a steady stream of reliable traffic. Of the two biggest search engines in the world, why not leverage one to drive traffic to the other?  First, you have to get your listing onto Google.

External traffic driven to your Amazon listings is a sign to Amazon of relevancy and if the traffic is converting to sales, it is rewarded with Amazon Search Ranking Advancement.

Google is a giant driver of traffic to anything and everything on the web and in the index. Google has many different products that you can use to assist with google ranking. First, let me be clear about one thing up front, you cannot run out of product ever, or this will backfire.

Once a product becomes unavailable for sale on Amazon, the risk of disappearing from Google and never returning is high. There are pros and cons of closing a listing vs letting it run out of stock. This can be avoided by making it a non-issue, don't run out!

How It Works

Rank in the top 5 of the google search results for your keywords and you going to receive extra traffic to your Amazon listing, increasing sales. The off amazon traffic plus the growth of sales will both improve your Amazon ranking quite a bit. So how do you get an Amazon listing onto the upper part of the first page results on Google? Relevant, legitimate back-links.

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It starts by helping Google find and rank your listing. Google indexes and reads Amazon pages as it does any site. Proper on-page SEO of your Amazon listing will boost your chances of getting ranked on Google. There are other things that you can do as well.

YouTube Video

Create several videos (3 or 4 if possible) about your product referencing your Amazon listing. Include a video review, benefits, features, apply proper SEO and post the video review and one product video on Youtube only.

Ensure the Youtube channel/listing is optimized for your brand/product. Use proper SEO, but do not over-stuff the keywords. Create a pdf of your Amazon listing, making sure to add a clickable link back to your listing. Add a link to the pdf on your profiles. As people download it and it finds its way around the web, Google will classify the links and clicks from the pdf as authoritative clicks. It is the gift that keeps on giving.  There are many other Video Submission Sites for additional traffic.



Set up a G+ profile and page for your business and be sure to create keyword rich posts that include your URLs to your Amazon listings and product images. If you created 4 videos, post one here.

When you build funnels for your ads, consider creating on or relocating them to Google Sites

If you are considering a blog, use blogger.

The items above have one thing in common; they are all owned by Google. Google doesn’t admit to giving its products priority, but Google sets the rules that it’s products follow, which tends to boost the ability to rank. I have never had an optimized video posted to Youtube not rank high on google. The links from the other Google products build authority for your Amazon listings giving you an edge.

Amazon sales mean nothing to Google as it has it’s own ranking indicators as laid out above and below. That means you can be on the second page of Amazon rankings and page 1 of Google. Make sure you use the same version of the URL to Amazon on all the different places you post it. Once google lists the product, go back and replace all your posted URLs with the one that Google chose to use.

Building many back-links to your listings will help provide some insurance for your Google listing. If you run out for a few days, Google may not de-index the listing the first time it realizes it is out of stock due to the strength of the back-links. Close your listing and Google deems the back-links irrelevant.

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Google and Bing Ads are another option. Be careful not to push irrelevant traffic to your Amazon listing as it will back-fire and lower your conversion rate. It is best to push traffic through a funnel with your ad at the bottom. This will filter out almost all the worthless traffic.

The SEO professionals that read this will say this is obvious as it is basic SEO. However, many sellers on Amazon & on other platforms know nothing about any other platform than the one they are on. On the subject of back-links, but not owned by Google, Facebook links to your products via funnel as well as Instagram links may drive more traffic than anything Google will depending on your demographic. Leave no stone upturned.

To wrap this up, let me point out that this is not a 3 step process to the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. That doesn’t exist no matter what you learned at some seminar. Those processes are guides that a lot of other people are now following like you, lowering the impact of any successes from the process. Step outside of the box set yourself apart.

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