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Best Influencer Marketing Tools

What Are The Best Influencer Marketing Tools And Platforms For 2022  

Many sites and SAAS systems like to refer to themselves as the best social influencer marketing tools or platform. Today, we are going to provided you with a list of many different influencer tool options.  These are influencer marketing tools that we use and recommend. Many are free tools or freemium, and a few are paid tools with a free trial.  

Which of these is the best tool? That is subjective and will be different for for almost every business depending on the exact circumstances. 

These sites can be beneficial. They can also be very misleading. The majority of the sites do not vet their influencer list, and it can be easy to be duped by a fake influencer if you are not careful. Some purposely give exposure to certain influencer friends. Use these sites with caution.

This article is part of our series Influencer Marketing – The Ultimate Guide. In this complete guide, we bring all of the different facets that we cover with the in-depth articles together into one complete system.    In this article, we will reveal our choices for the best influencer marketing tools and platforms.

Learn how to supercharge your social media marketing in 2022, by finding the best influencers to work with, and growing your brand with our best influencer marketing strategies.  

We present you with the best methods that are working today in 2022, the best channels to use them, and how to maximize the benefits of collaborating.   We also have an in-depth article which will show the many different ways that you can use social listening to you advantage for far more than influencer locating. 

We will leave no stone unturned as we create multiple guides to arm you with the tools and knowledge needed to drive down your acquisition costs.  

Listed below, our recommendations for the best influencer tools and platforms.

Hashtag Discovery

  • IQHashtags - IQHashtags is our preferred tool for hashtag search. It provides trending metrics and the number of Instagram posts, comments, and likes. Considering what you get for your money, this is the most powerful tool for the least amount of $ on the list. We highly recommend getting this.  Hashtags are your toolbelts' highest value and least used marketing tool.
  • Inflact - Inflact is a paid AI-powered Instagram posting suite that includes hashtag discovery and evaluation. They do have a two-week paid membership that you can use for analysis.

Social Media Monitoring Tools

  • TalkWalker - Talkwalker Alerts has two free tools, unlimited phrase alerts and unlimited social search. This is an excellent tool for all of your social listening needs.   Used together, the two tools will monitor the web, blogs, and social for all of your phrases that you want to track and send alerts.  
  • Social-Searcher - Use this great tool to quickly search social media for terms, phrases, and hashtags. Email alerts art possible.
  • Followerwonk - Followerwonk is strictly a Twitter influencers tool with search and analytics tools
  • Google Alerts - Google Alerts is the original web monitoring tool. However, no one at Google ever thought it would be good to add social channels, rendering it obsolete.

All In One Influencer Marketing Hub

  • Grin - Grin is influencer marketing software for Ecommerce companies to help integrate their influencer marketing campaigns and management.
  • CreatorIQ - CreatorIQ is an influencer marketplace cloud solution for global enterprises to manage and optimize influencer campaigns at scale
  • Julius - Julius is a leading influencer marketing software solution, offering influencer search and discovery, campaign management, and a robust reporting suite.
  • Dovetale - Dovetale is an influencer management platform on Shopify for managing influencers, including templates for promotions and affiliate tracking. It includes a small free plan also.
  • Upfluence - Upfluence is a paid AIO influencer marketing platform that can handle all of your needs, from influencer research to management and even payment. They also have a free Chrome plugin for influencer analysis.

Discover And Relationship Management

  • Referazon -Referazon is an excellent tool for discovery and relationship management  of your finding Amazon-specific influencers. They offer a free trial with a meager monthly fee. This is a great site to find influencers willing to work for commission and find the 'best of guides' to get included in.
  • Carro - Carro is an Ecommerce tool that evaluates your posted content strategy and topics and finds the best influencers to partner with for you. It considers all current followers also.
  • Influence - Influence.co is the most significant influencer marketing professional community. They help influencers, advocates, ambassadors & brands find and connect
  • Influencer Bits - Influencer bits is an advocate management platform.  They help you mine your current followers and buyers for people that would be great advocates for your brand.  They manage the whole process.   This is a great place for any existing seller to start.

Influencer Outreach, Evaluation, and Discovery

  • Discover.ly is a Chrome extension to find influencers in your contact list and find which of your contacts have influencers in their contact list.  These people may already use your product, may be great brand ambassadors, and be eager to help build brand awareness.
  • BuzzStream is for email outreach and link building with influencers, ambassadors, advocates and bloggers.
  • Upfluence - Upfluence also has a free Chrome plugin for influencer marketing. Use it to analyze influencer profiles straight online. It evaluates Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, and Blogs profiles.
  • NinjaOutreach - Ninja Outreach is an email outreach platform that connects you with influencers on more platforms than most of the others, including blogger outreach.
  • Modash Fake Follower Tool - Analyze Instagram influencers: follower count, engagement rate, fake followers, popular content, and more for free.
  • BuzzSumo - This site is excellent for showing popularity on social media. It can show you which content any business shares most, perfect for checking out what was successful for your competitors. Use the site to find influencers based on their content and the shares they are getting.
  • Social Blade - Social Blade tracks social media statistics and analytics. Social Blade tracks the YouTube platform, but also has analytical information regarding Twitch, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Trovo, Dailymotion, Mixer, and DLive.

Interactive Creator Design and Recruitment

  • Trend.io - Create a brief for your project and post it. Creators and content marketers will contact you and pitch you to help your brand and provide details about their followers. You can request content for the web, social media, ads, promotions, and email.
  • Brillo - Brillo is for product and social platform videos only. Create your requirements and upload. They do the influencer research for you utilizing their database and contact suitable creators that respond to you. They have reasonable pricing.
  • Soona - Soona is an interactive Photo and Video creation site with fixed prices of $39 per image and $99 per video. You upload your specs and then join them virtually for your photoshoot and participate. It integrates directly to Shopify and makes it easy to transfer information while ensuring that quality content is created with your involvement.
  • Post For Rent - Begin by creating their brief, where you can specify the type of campaign you want. The site handles the influencer outreach and outreach campaigns for you. They notify suitable influencers that then contact you. There is an onsite rating and review system for influencers also.
  • Cameo - A celebrity endorsement platform where you can hire celebrities for one-time video shout-outs that you license for 30 days at a time. The licenses are extendable through the site.
1 0n 1 Coaching Available

You will find influencers on Referazon and Upfluence, listed above, which are optimized for engaging Amazon influencers. You will find that Amazon influencers range from nano-influencers to mega influencers.

When considering a relevant influencer, first check their Instagram profile. Review their Instagram posts, likes, shares, comments, followers, engagement, and links.

Search for their name using Google Search and check their other social media profiles. How is their personal branding? Is this the kind of person that you want to represent your company? Are their followers your ideal persona? If their name has search volume, develop a page on your site optimized for their name and you will likely rank and receive traffic from it.

Use this strategy and worksheet to easily target your market and find influencers using Buzzsumo.

How Do You Start Influencer Marketing?

This is something I get asked often.   The different articles that I have written contain a lot of information.  Some people cannot handle the information and get overloaded quickly.   These are my recommendations.    Start with a company like Trend.io or Post For Rent to get your feet wet.  For a small amount of money, you post your requirements and they find relevant influencers that come and pitch you how they will market your product to their audience and how they can help you.  

If you are an existing seller, I also recommend Influencer bits.  They are an advocacy program management site.  They will help you find advocates within your existing buyers and followers list. Everything is handled through the platform.   They will help you find the nano and micro influencers that already love your product.  

There are obviously plenty of tools listed above to help you get started.  The ones that I mentioned can help you get an idea of how it works without a ton of effort or expense.  Of course, you need to be clear what your goals are and manage the conversations.  Be sure that the things they are posting are consistent with your brand messaging and value proposition.     If this is the first article about this that you have read, I suggest further reading starting here Influencer Marketing- The Ultimate Guide

About the author 

Joe Reichsfeld

Joe Reichsfeld is an E-commerce Coach and Consultant who has been helping entrepreneurs succeed online since 1999. Before E-commerce, Joe spent almost 20 years managing and consulting in the food and beverage industry. His background, plus years of experience working with thousands of sellers, gives him a unique perspective and approach that has helped many clients.

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Content Marketing is a strategy centered on producing and circulating high-value, relevant, content to a specific audience. Follow the process we have used to create communities resulting in 7 and 8 figure sales using organic traffic from evergreen content.

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Hashtags are a FREE, simple way to get your message and content in front of your audience and potential followers who are interested in your specific topics. They work extremely well for targeting influencers audiences, competitors, and borrowing the efforts of other creators to help distribute your message.

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