Content Marketing

Content Marketing

Module 1

Module Structure

Background 1 Lesson

Introduction to Content Creation for Brands and Ecommerce

Content Marketing is a strategic approach centered on producing and circulating high-value, relevant, and uniform content to appeal to and attract a specific, targeted audience — and, ultimately, create a trustworthy brand to drive predetermined actions and conversions.

This workshop will teach you why content is relevant to your sustained success. How to create a solid plan that produces results and how to do so without wasting a ton of time.


Creation 3 Lessons

Sourcing Topics In High Demand

Coming up with a regular stream of content ideas isn't too complicated but can be overwhelming.  It doesn't need to be.  In this lesson you will learn easy ways to not only source topics that your audience is looking for, but also how to produce a pretty solid SEO outline from which you can have your content easily creates.

Content Origination & Responsibility

You know how to start planning your content, you’ve got some useful content formats planned and you’ve got plenty of topic ideas.

Let’s get down to the business of creating the content your audience needs.

Getting Results From Your Strategy

We know who our buyer is and we've developed a way to create content that our audience can discover, hopefully at the right times.  You've got them on the article reading what?   It’s not enough to just get them on the page. 

The goals of your content need to be addressed in the article to move the audience towards your goals.  How do we over come that?  We will overcome this through the use of persuasive content a compelling call-to-action and a system to nurture the reader so they take the action we desire and from content to content.


Distribution 2 Lessons


Ongoing Benefits 1 Lesson

Repurposing & Reformatting For Different Mediums and Different Audience Segments

As a content marketer, there are two approaches you can take with your existing content, you can spend money and promote the hell out of it or you can repurpose it or revamp it.  

Repurposing Content is when you change the format, how the content is presented or you change the content to appeal to a different target audience. It’s maximizing the reach of a piece of content through different formats and different channels.  This isn’t just sharing the same piece of content on a different channel.

Let's be honest, creating new content from scratch can be a real pain and takes a lot of time. Your research, the creation, then formatting, creating assets, proofreading, and putting together the final version. 

Rather than go through all that effort, sometimes it makes sense to take an existing piece of content and repurpose it. You can adjust the target audience as you adjust the content to appeal to a different stage of the buyer journey.    The simplest method of repurposing is offering your existing piece of content in a different format.  This lesson will cover repurposing.