Content Marketing

Content Marketing

Module 1

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Content Marketing is a strategic approach centered on producing and circulating high-value, relevant, and uniform content to appeal to and attract a specific, targeted audience — and, ultimately, create a trustworthy brand to drive predetermined actions and conversions.This workshop will teach you why content is relevant to your sustained success. How to create a solid plan that produces results and how to do so without wasting a ton of time.

Creating The Cornerstones Of Content Marketing

Core Concepts and The Buyer Persona

If you dont know your target, how can you create content for them?Whether you're writing articles, filming YouTube videos, or producing any content, a good understanding of core concepts is necessary.   Your efforts need to represent a tool used to accomplish goals and not a tiresome task that becomes dreaded and forced.  On first impression, content creation can seem overwhelming and a never-ending pit of frustration.  It not only doesn't have to be like that, it shouldn't be.  This workshop will teach you content marketing from end to end. You  will emerge with a process that you can manage through others once your system is in place.

Goals, Strategy & A Content Plan

Know the purpose of your contentEvery content piece you create should have a clear purpose, and you should be conscious of the purpose.  Every piece of content should not sell a product like a desperate, used car salesman. Nor should each piece of content be your life’s work.If you’re writing content for business purposes, it needs to serve a purpose for your readers, and you need to understand how that benefits your business.  Creating content just to create content is probably a waste of your time.

Content & The Buyers Journey

Create content that lines up with the different stages of the buyer journey and their different levels of awareness


Sourcing Topics In High Demand

Source topics that are in high demand and that your target audience is seeking answers to!Coming up with a regular stream of content ideas isn't too complicated but can be overwhelming.  It doesn't need to be.  In this lessen you will learn easy ways to not only source topics that your audience is looking for but also how to produce a pretty solid SEO outline from which you can have your content easily creates.

Creating the Project Brief

The Project Brief is your chance to give perfect instructions to ensure that the perfect content is created just the way that you envision it

Content Origination & Responsibility

Deciding who and how to have content created is a big hurdle, in-house, outsourced, direct-hire, let's look at the various methods.

Getting Results From Your Strategy

Getting people to your content and getting results can be difficult.  Be persuasive and give them a reason to want to know more.We know who our buyer is and we've developed a way to create content that our audience can discover, hopefully at the right times.  You've got them on the article reading what?   It’s not enough to just get them on the page. The goals of your content need to be addressed in the article to move the audience towards your goals. How do we overcome that?  We will overcome this through the use of persuasive content a compelling call-to-action and a system to nurture the reader so they take the action we desire and from content to content.


Traditional & Manual Distribution

Spread your content out across the web in pieces creating a web of touchpoint for your audience that leads them all back to your content and products

Automated Distribution

Automating the distribution of your content is key.  Schedule early and automate so your people can concentrate on engaging with the people engaging your content.

Ongoing Benefits

Repurposing & Reformatting For Different Mediums and Different Audience Segments

Take your distribution one step further using advanced methods of getting it reposted and take your authority to other sites to grow awareness. 

Measuring ROI

Getting value out of your efforts is not always measurable to the penny, but this lesson will help you to measure what can be measured as well as how to evaluate the effectiveness of what cannot.