How To Drive Product Sales With Paid Traffic Sources

How To Drive Up Product Sales With Paid Traffic Sources

Paid traffic - Our alternatives to the traditional sources that also can help you reach your goals.

Paid Traffic Sources, in 2020, are alive and well.  Consider this guide your definitive resource for paid traffic sourcing in 2020.  Multiple types of paid traffic sources are listed and separated by type.  This is another post in our Driving Traffic Series.  Previous posts include driving Google Traffic by leveraging Google's own family of sites and many more are to come in the future.

Every day we hear from people pouring their profits back into PPC and paid ads.  Few sellers take the time to research the best ways to reach their audience.  Listed below are many of the alternatives for paid traffic.  

Some of these resources are direct connections to certain audiences for pennies per click.  

The benefit of using some of these sites is you drive your own traffic to your products, making you much less dependent on any specific platform for traffic.  Without giving up all of my secret tactics, within this list are some of my best traffic resources depending on the category.  

It is your job to figure out what works the best for your products and categories.

When you drive up product sales using paid traffic sources, your margin is offset by the cost of the traffic.  It is imperative that you go into it knowing what budget should be.  You need to have an acquisition maximum so that you are always operating at a profit.

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