Podcast Appearance Archive 2018 – 2020



Podcast Appearances

Check out all of the different podcast appearances featuring most of the podcasts and interviews that I can remember from the last couple of years.  I know I'm missing a few and will add them as I come to them.  

I had a long run with Danny McMillan in 2020 as you can see below.  Am looking forward to a busy 2021 as well.

Is Your Off Amazon Website Optimized To Meet New Google Algo Change?- Seller Sessions - Dec 10, 2020

Writing, Publishing And Ranking Books On Amazon - Seller Sessions - Dec. 16, 2020

Sourcing Resources From Around The World... For Amazon Sellers - Seller Sessions - Aug 25, 2020

In-Depth With Amazon Consultant Joe Reichsfeld - Sep 24, 2020

Seller Sessions 500 (Half Century Birthday) - Jun 30, 2020

Tony's Sleep Hack's Episode 52 - 8/17/2020

Off Amazon - Deep Dive Into Pinterest •Streamed live on May 21, 2020

Off Amazon Traffic with Anthony Lee, Zack Franklin & Joe Reichsfeld •Streamed live on Jun 3, 2020

At Ecommerce Optimizer, we have been assisting and helping sellers for over 20 years.   If you are selling on your own site, a social media site or one of the marketplaces like Amazon or Walmart, we've been there and understand the intricacies of how to succeed.  Many people know us through our Amazon experience and our Dominate Amazon Products Series, but experience goes far beyond just Amazon. 

We have an assortment of different Ecommerce Articles available including:

  •  Sell On Walmart
  • Niche Marketplaces To Sell On
  • Sell On Amazon Europe
  • 40 Business For Pinterest Marketing Tips
  • Product Sourcing Manufacturers And Wholesale Suppliers
  • and many others.

We focus on helping sellers grow their businesses and diversify, reducing their dependence on any 1 platform while exponentially growing the available audience.  We offer 1 on 1 Coaching along with different Ecommerce Workshops covering"

  • Pinterest Traffic(FREE)
  • Hashtag Marketing
  • Book Publishing
  • Google Ads
  • Content Marketing For Ecommerce
  • and others for one low membership price.  

Let us help you make 2021- 2022 your best years ever!

Shopify / Off Amazon Part 4 - Seller Sessions - May 7, 2020

Shopify / Off Amazon Part 5 - Seller Sessions - May 15, 2020

Pinterest Story Pins and a New Targeting Method on Pinterest - Days of Nuggets 4/28/2020

Shopify News - Takes on Amazon... Who Wins???  - Seller Sessions - Apr 30, 2020

Shopify / Off Amazon Part 2  - Seller Sessions - Apr 23, 2020

How to Use Pinterest for Traffic Generation and Brand Building - Sellerboard 4/27/2020

Off-Amazon Strategies To Diversify Your Revenue Stream with Joe Reichsfeld - 3/8/2020

Bonus Episode – Pinterest Power Moves Your Business Should be Making in 2020 - Wizards of Amazon

Pinterest Traffic Domination - How to Use Pinterest for eCommerce - India Sourcing Trip 1/9/2020

Shopify / Off Amazon at Scale - Seller Sessions - Apr 17, 2020

Amazon Coaching - Seller Roundtable Extras 2/7/19

Blow Up Your Sales w/ FREE Warm Pinterest Traffic Sent Straight To Your Listing 1/3/2020

Selling Off Amazon - Is It Worth The Hassle? - Seller Sessions 3/16/18

Driving HUGE Amazon External Traffic from Pinterest - Kenji-ROI - 12/19/2008

About the author 

Joe Reichsfeld

Joe Reichsfeld is an E-commerce Coach and Consultant who has been helping entrepreneurs succeed online since 1999. Before E-commerce, Joe spent almost 20 years managing and consulting in the food and beverage industry. His background, plus years of experience working with thousands of sellers, gives him a unique perspective and approach that has helped many clients.

Joe currently works with solopreneurs, small and medium-sized businesses, and Fortune 500 companies. He helps his clients create strong brands—using organic and paid methods—that have proven to deliver sustainable sales, traffic, and long-term growth. His strategies help clients dominate their niches and reach a larger target audience while diversifying across markets and borders. Book a 1 on 1 coaching call with Joe today and find out how he can help your business grow!


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14 lessons


The half-life of a tweet is 24 minutes, a Facebook post is 90 minutes, and a Pinterest pin is 3.5 months . Pinterest is the number 1 source of FREE Ecommerce traffic since 2018 and users spend over 35% more than any other Social Media referral. As an effective visual, planning, search engine, how will you use to benefit your business?

Content Marketing is a strategy centered on producing and circulating high-value, relevant, content to a specific audience. Follow the process we have used to create communities resulting in 7 and 8 figure sales using organic traffic from evergreen content.

5 lessons


A Buyer Persona is a semi-fictional representation of your ideal customer based on research and data about real people.
Understanding your audience and their motivations is key to your success. Simplify your efforts when you understand your personas. Go through our workshop to nail this down quick!

7 lessons


Amazon states that 72% of shoppers search on Amazon before making a purchase. This creates a significant misunderstanding. Shoppers research their issues on Google, Social Media and Forums first to understand the problem and find solutions. Get in front of potential buyers long befote they get to Amazon with Google Ads.

8 lessons


Imagine creating a product, the effort, and expenses occurring only in the beginning. All future sales occurring with minimal effort, and zero inventory utilizing a Print on Demand format. Using KDP, Kindle Direct Publishing, to produce books and content can create ongoing passive income like this

3 lessons


Hashtags are a FREE, simple way to get your message and content in front of your audience and potential followers who are interested in your specific topics. They work extremely well for targeting influencers audiences, competitors, and borrowing the efforts of other creators to help distribute your message.

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Adam L. (Amazon 3rd Part Seller)

“Ecommerce Optimizer was a huge benefit to my business. Leveraging tested methods and fundamentals I was able to tune my existing marketing and add new forms to reach potential customers without wasting tons of money. My weekly sales baseline increase 3 fold over 6 months and I was able to keep my marketing budget the same. Solid business fundamental a must if you're looking to grow your business.”

Dave H. (Amazon 3rd Party Seller)

“We have seen substantial growth in our online sales while also expanding into markets and onto platforms we wouldn't have with ease and success.   Joes' insight has enabled us to avoid making costly mistakes while optimizing our existing listings and increasing sales on them as well.   His knowledge of how the marketplaces function saved us quite a bit, almost 100k a year in fees on Amazon alone.   This has been a very positive experience for us and we look forward to continue working together. ”

Chris D. (Amazon Vendor, Multi-Channel Worldwide Brand)