Ecommerce Optimizer Resource Reference Guide [ 2020 ]

Listed below you will find different resources made available to assist you in your business.  Ecommerce Optimizer is dedicated to helping you gain the necessary knowledge to take your business to the next level.  This is just a sample of the valuable content available to members.  Join Ecommerce Optimizer and gain access to additional in-depth training, walk-throughs, best practices, automation techniques and more.  Become a member today and join us as we assist you in your business growth

Amazon Product Listing Bundle

Inevitably, at some point most sellers receive some sort of major violation email from Amazon, justified or not. To make matters worse most of the time the department responsible is all but impossible to contact.

Listed below are email addresses that go directly to inner departments responsible for enforcement and resolution. Use the Amazon Insider Contact List information wisely.


FBA Prep and Ship

Do you find yourself buried under the task of boxing, labeling and prepping products for FBA?  Are there not other things, higher value tasks that you should be doing to benefit your business?

These are the go-to companies to inspect, label, and send your bulk shipments out to their respective Amazon distribution centers.


Studies show that video drives interaction, conversions and keeps a person on your content longer.  It is imperative that you create videos of some sort, apply proper SEO and distribute it across the many different sites available across the internet.

The ultimate goal, driving your own traffic to your products.  


Everyday we hear from people pouring their profits back into PPC and paid ads. Few sellers take the time to research the best ways to reach their audience.

Listed below are many of the alternatives for paid traffic.  Some of these resources are direct connections to certain audiences for pennies per click.  The benefit of using some of these sites is you drive your own traffic to your products, making you much less dependent on any specific platform for traffic.