Advanced Search Engine Queries

Advanced Search Engine Queries

1 Lesson Intermediate

About this workshop

Google Indexes a ton of information.  Assume that the second something is posted it is cataloged on the site and host where it is posted.  Even of you delete it immediately, it is still there until it is purged or overwritten.  Regardless it has most likely been backed up already.  Google may be restricted from indexing the data but there is always some bot getting in and indexing, most of which are themselves indexed by google.  Face it, it is 2019, assume that the only true level of privacy that you can expect is the information contained in your head and it is up to you not to tell anyone.  Everything else is suspect.  Sad but true.

In 2016 a Google data scientist estimated that the amount of information indexed by google would fill old punch cards complete stacked one on top of another and reach up into the sky the length of a football field in height.     Furthermore, the cards reaching up that high would completely cover   Connecticut,   Delaware,  Maine,  MassachusettsMarylandNew HampshireNew YorkRhode Island, and Vermont.  That is crazy!

You have access to all of that data through Google Search and various Google tools.  The key is understanding the search query needed to find the data.  The introduction to this workshop is our original blog post concerning Google Search Queries (commonly called Dorks).  We received multiple inquiries about advanced methods and additional techniques, that we created this advanced workshop.

Competitor information and data, off-marketplace review opportunities for driving traffic, guest posting sites to market some content and drive traffic and a ton of other info is available.  Deep dive into the real data via search and posses the knowledge to outwit the competition, get an edge with product reviews outside of the marketplace driving links and warm traffic, among other data as well.

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Introduction – Original Blog Post