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Email Marketing For Ecommerce

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Email Marketing For Ecommerce

As part of your business, are you actively pursuing email marketing? Are you building your email marketing list?

Many business owners overlook the importance that email plays in the future of their business. Suppose you are a marketplace seller, regardless of the marketplace rules. Are you building your list and marketing machine off-site?

Like it or not, your email list is your future.  The question shouldn’t be are you building an email list, it should be how are you building or what techniques are you using.  The absence of email marketing, the lack of having an active email list means that you have no safety net for your business.

The fact is, email marketing and your email list is one of the only assets that you own and have control over in Ecommerce.  No competitor can take it away.  No Social platform can change policies and restrict your communication with them, or worse, go out of business taking your list with them.

This Workshop focuses on ensuring that you take advantage of the ability of email marketing to grow your audience and ability to communicate directly with people interested in your topic and product. Email marketing builds authority, trust, awareness, value, and sales. Learn how to take advantage of the value that email marketing can add to your business.

You will finish this workshop and have an email list building opt-in landing pager complete with a high converting lead magnet plus many different assets and email templates for all phases of your ecommerce business. As always, you will also finish this workshop with an understanding of how to automate the basic functions of email marketing enabling you to make it a result producing tool instead of the time consuming task many perceive it to be

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Introduction 1 Lesson

Introduction To Email Marketing For Ecommerce

I could go on for weeks about why you should be engaging your audience with email marketing, the value and benefits that it adds to your business and different ways to leverage it for our your advantage. wait, that is exactly what we are going to do in this workshop!   This workshop will be an eye opener for many when they realize the benefits and potential that they have been missing by not taking advantage of email marketing.
Welcome to the email marketing workshop.  In this lesson we will do a quick overview of the benefits of email marketing, the components of a solid program and exactly what you can expect to get out of this workshop.  You can expect to finish with not only a working knowledge, but a working list building system and many assets to assist you in all of the different email related phases of ecommerce.  
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Email Marketing 2 Lessons

Creating Your Lead Magnet

A great lead magnet can be the difference between getting them to your landing page or not.  There are many different types of lead magnets that you can create.  It is important that you understand the different types and the different roles they can play depending on where your prospect is in the buyer journey.  This lesson will cover lead magnets in detail.


Just because something has been around for many years doesn’t mean it no longer works. Email is a powerful marketing tool because it works. When someone signs up to receive emails from you they’ve given you permission to market to them. If you don’t, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity.

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Resources 1 Lesson

Additional Resources

Throughout the workshop, we cover many different aspects of email marketing.  some we go into depth in the workshop, others we do not because they are not part of the scope of the workshop.  This download page covers additional information related to some of the Workshop topics plus additional resources related to email marketing but not covered in the Workshop.