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You may have heard that between 54 and 72% of all US shoppers begin their shopping search on Amazon. The studies state that up to 72% of shoppers search on Amazon before making a purchase decision. The small play on words creates a significant gap in understanding.   Most of those shoppers first research their issues on Google to arrive at the realization that they have a problem or that a product as a solution may exist.   Sellers overlook that Amazon is neither a social platform nor one where people gather or congregate. They go there for one purpose, to shop, and Amazon is very effective at presenting products and options in a way that the shopping experience is streamlined.

Google presents a much larger audience than Amazon and it creates opportunities to interact with your potential audience at multiple different touchpoints along the buyer journey.  This gives you the ability to establish and build trust with your audience before they are even aware that they need a solution.  The goal is through the establishment of brand awareness and trust, they recognize your product as the best solution for them before they even get to Amazon or whatever other purchase points they use.

The purpose of this workshop is to give you a quick but detailed understanding of how to implement Google Ads in a day, 2 at the most, effectively, to create an impact on your sales.   This is not a deep dive into all things Google Ads.  This is a straight-to-the-point boost for your sales.  To top it off, we will also show you how to get a credit from Google to get to run $100. worth of ads on their adspend, not yours.

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Introduction To Google Ads For Ecommerce

Google Ads (aka Google AdWords) is a fantastic online advertising option for any business and an even better option for online sellers. Google Ads, both display and search, reach a whopping 90% of Internet users across the globe. Over 3.5 billion Google searches occur every day! Google Ads are a great way to get your website, business, content, even your viewpoint in front of the eyes of citizens all around the world quickly if that is what you choose to do..

For every $1 spent on Google Ads, it results in an average of $2 in revenue
 for the average business owner? The potential ROI and worldwide exposure are hard to beat. Google Ads are a fantastic way to grow your potential audience regardless of the platform that you sell on. 


Ad Groups & Buyer Intent Keywords


Creating Ads That Convert

So far, we have built our keyword lists and ad groups. If this was successful, you got your ads to come up with the relevant search query. Now the ad copy becomes the difference between a click and no engagement. Creating ads that convert is vital.  

This lesson will focus on all of the components of creating killer ads that get clicks.


11 Steps To Go Live With Google Ads

Getting started with Google ads can be overwhelming. It is not as bad as some think. Listed below, we walk you through a quick, easy setup of Google Ads. There are a lot of little things that can distract you and tie you up for days. Stick to the list below and follow it.   

In this lesson, we will review the simple process of getting going with Google Ads.  This will not be a 5 hour in-depth lesson.  We will leave the advanced topics for another time.   This is about getting click producing ads up and live!


Landing Page Goals

Once a potential buyer clicks your ad, they are directed to your landing page.  Landing pages for Google Ads are very important because Google uses them to guage and score your ad relevance.  Ad Quality determines ranking and cost, so getting this right is very important.

In this lesson you will learn a solid process to first determine the goals for using Google Ads in the first place and how to translate that into a landing page design that produces results


Landing Page Design

In this lesson we will the actual design and layout of your landing page.   Understanding your audiences purpose and needs as translated into the messaging on your landing page and how to build a converting page.   

We have a specific technique that we follow in setting up our landing pages and it works very well.  There is a specific person that we choiose to target our landing pages for conversationally that works very well in our opinion.  People are always on the go, even when using the Internet.  We use a strategy to clearly layout our purpose for anyone to follow. 


Bonus: Getting The Most From Your Ads

Take advantage of the power of advertising and Ads by promoting additional parts of your business to grow your authority and get traffic to the different features of your presence. Your actual competitors are the ones focused on building a presence for their brand. Sellers come and go like the wind at times.  

Actual competitors are the ones to worry about. They are the ones laying roots and building a content framework that makes it hard for anyone to compete. If you are serious about your brand, building your tribe, your community should be very high on your priority list.

In this final bonus lesson we will cover ways to leverage your ads to biild out your brand and audience.