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Hashtags are a FREE, easy way to get your message and content in front of your audience and potential followers who are interested in your specific topics but are not familiar with you. Did I mention it's a very effective FREE method?

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There are many different strategies to send traffic to your website. Some are more effective and attractive than others. "Hashtag marketing" is a consistent driver of organic traffic today if done right. Make sure that you are maximizing the potential of the hashtags you create

Getting this right can provide a vast, low to no cost means of organic traffic. It is worth making a small amount of effort necessary to get this right because the benefits can be so considerable.  Look at all of the celebrity influencers killing it with their brands by leveraging hashtags.  You can too and learn to take advantage of the easy source of traffic and a solid method to build your brand.


Hashtag Etiquette

When you create your hashtags, you can drive organic traffic to your website, products, or service and target your audience.    This is a great low to no cost method of building traffic.   If you are not doing this, I'd suggest that you seriously consider it. 

Can I use 30 hashtags on Youtube?  How about LinkedIn?  How many can I use there? Platforms expect you to know and to follow the rules yet each is slightly different.   Get all of your questions answered in this lesson.

Additionally, we cover best practices on the types of hashtags to use and how to get the most benefits by choosing the right ones to use.


Using Hashtags Effectively

Using Hashtags effectively will be the difference between wasting your time and getting benefits from your efforts.   In this final lesson of the Workshop, we review methods and our favorite tools to get the most out of the hashtags that you use and your efforts