Low Content Publishing

5 Sections 10 Lessons Intermediate

About this workshop

Imagine creating a product, the effort, and expenses occurring only in the beginning.  All future sales occurring with minimal effort, and zero inventory utilizing a Print on Demand format.    Using KDP, Kindle Direct Publishing, to produce low content books can create ongoing passive income.

You will need to make the effort and learn how to get it right.   Low content books require zero experience and do not take much time or effort to create.  Typical low content books are journals, planners, workbooks, activity books, tracking books, recipes, cookbooks, and others.    

In this workshop, you will receive usable templates and learn how to create your own templates for books.   Follow along, create your first book, learn how to scale your book business, and publish your first book by the time you finish the workshop.    Create books as a boost for your products and authority or just an additional income source.   If you have been stressing over inventories, sales, overhead, and more, then you should consider this workshop.

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Workshop Structure

Introduction 1 Lesson


Amazon now allows you to be able to create and sell all types of books and publishable materials. Many people have done very well in publishing all kinds of stories and books on the platform. There are many ways to make money.


The Basics 3 Lessons

The Basics

Print on demand is as cool as it gets. You can upload your material and within a few hours have a book finished. Anyone in the world can order your book within a couple of hours. Amazon handles all printing and splits the profit with you in your favor.  Low content books take print on demand to a new level. They can include .....

Book Examples, Timeline, & Goals

First off, understand that we will keep your first book uncomplicated. Low content books can be very easy. However, like anything else, if you get carried away, it can get complicated very fast. The easiest way to help you understand how low content publishing works is to send you to Amazon and look at some examples.

Sales & Publishing Success

Kindle success requires focusing on four main subjects:

Finding Hot Niches With High Demand And Low Competition - If you fail at this, it doesn't matter how good of a book you create, you will have no one to sell to. If you want to make money with low content books, you need to focus on and cater to the fanatical fans in each niche that you target.


Templates & Creating Your Base Template 1 Lesson

Creating & Using Templates

It is time to get serious! This lesson will be where we create a template from scratch. If you have Powerpoint or Google Slides and follow along, you will have a completed template in about 45 minutes.


Research & Setting Yourself Up For Success 4 Lessons

Uncovering the Hottest Niches

Niche-hunting, Keyword selection, and Category determination is the most critical part of your book journey. Finding profitable, underserviced niches are the key to maximizing your income and turning your low-content books into consistent money makers.

We will review many sites and methods, but all roads lead back to Amazon.   The goal of this lesson as well as the others in this group are the development of and discovery of all of the details needed to list your book as best possible and set it up for success.  This includes positioning it so it receives the most visibility on the platform, provides the best first impression, and makes the potential reader want to read and purchase your creation.  

Keyword Research

Finding the best keywords for your book doesn’t have to take a lot of time. The goal is to uncover 10-15 keyword strings commonly used by potential readers.  Keywords are often underutilized or used incorrectly by authors, which results in their books not being seen by readers.

Category Research

Unfortunately, Amazon doesn’t include a full listing of all the categories it offers, so you’ll have to do some digging to find the best categories to list in.   It is not a matter of finding the perfectly relevant category at first because the perfect category may be far too competitive for you to have a chance at first.  This lesson will review how to find the right categories to rank in at launch to enable your book to get the proper visibility which in turn helps to sell more books.  


Does Your Title Say, "Buy Me?" Or "Good Bye"?

Your title is one of the essential things in selling your book. You can have a fantastic book, but if the title doesn't hook people and make people want to buy it, then you'll have a tough time trying to sell it. Your title can make or break your book!


Bonus Lessons 1 Lesson

Bonus One –Authoritative Guides

The niches to launch authoritative guides in are wide open. I will show you a bunch of different choices to consider, each in their unique sub-niche. (With very little competition.) These books are all concise: two, four, and six pages.

Choose a niche that interests you and create your guide. You can use a best-selling small book as your example. You can directly 'clone' a bestseller. Alternatively, you can create your original small book. I will explain each method. First things first. DO NOT PLAGIARIZE