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You are probably fairly familiar with social platforms.   As new ones pop up, you may be quick to say to yourself to hold off before jumping on yet another social platform.  If you are familiar with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, then you understand how they work.  Pinterest is different and has developed into an entirely different type of platform.Influencer Marketing takes on an entirely new form on Pinterest as it considers itself a giant catalog of ideas.  If you think of Pinterest as a social media platform just like the others, think again.  Pinterest is not a social platform, it is a predictive visual search engine.  It is a visual discovery tool.  Social sharing is a part of Pinterest, but the focus is dominated by influencers sharing great content and more important than that, making sure that great content can be found.  

Introduction Video - Why Pinterest

This workshop will teach you how to leverage Pinterest's Algorithm to so get your great content and products found which in turn can drive an enormous amount of traffic.

Why Pinterest?

Why is it Important? (updated 1/2019)

  • 330 million users that perform 2 billion monthly searches.  Half of those users are in the US (01/01/2020)
  • 1 million businesses on Pinterest and they account for 2/3’s of all pins
  • 93%  use it to plan for purchases &  87% made purchases after seeing it on site.
  • Pinterest was the 23rd busiest site in the US in Aug. of 2020
  • The average sale from a referral is almost $59.
  • Every day nearly  2M people Pin  product rich Pins.
  • 50% of all Pinners earn at least $50K.  10% of Pinners take home at least $125K
  • Active Pinners have a 9% higher household income vs other social media..
  • 60% women/40 % men   The median age is 40.  Active Pinners avg. below 40 years old
  • 1.1 billion site visitors in Aug of 2020, 41% via Google Search, 55% via Direct
  • Referral website traffic averages 5%, which is second only to Facebook.
  • A Pinterest Pin has a half-life of 3.5 months, vs. a Facebook Post @ 90 minutes or a Tweet @ 24 minutes         (sources: DMR Business , SimilarWeb ,  & Omnicore )

You can easily market to your target audience for a much smaller marketing budget because Pinners use Pinterest as a way to shop over the use of TV, catalogs or magazines.  They are open to being marketed to, which is not the case on other social media channels.

Pinterest Strategy

The numbers above should have the wheels in your head turning already.  How can you benefit from it? Marketing without clear goals and a plan is a waste of time and money. When you have clear set goals that everyone is aware of, it makes getting there a bit quicker and less painful.  Many times, just the discovery process of setting goals provides you with the necessary path needed to accomplish them. Are you interested in . . .

  • Gaining email subscribers
  • Growing your traffic to increase page views for ad revenue
  • Growing traffic to increase clicks on affiliate links
  • Gaining customers
  • Growing your client base
  • Increasing your visibility in your niche

Work From A Plan

Having a specific plan for the surge of traffic that comes from Pinterest will help you narrow the types of content you share from your own site and pin from others.

This helps to keep your content focused, which is important because just like building blog traffic, the more niche focused your content is, the more likely your audience will grow.

Don’t buy into the myth that only middle-aged women use Pinterest. This site has grown in popularity across age, race and gender lines. Practically every niche and industry is represented on Pinterest. It will serve you well to join them.

Plan Of Action

PRO TIP:   Throughout all of our modules, you will encounter content that is set aside in content boxes just like this. Pay special attention to these content boxes as they contain specific information, insider techniques, and items not known by the mainstream other marketers using Pinterest.  When we refer to marketer or Content Producers we are referring to you

Making your Pins Pinnable - Quality Over Quantity

You will hear people say that you need to pin 100 times a day.  Don't waste your time.  Pinterest itself says that after 50 pins a day, your pins lose effectiveness.  Pinterest is the number 1 driver of free traffic right now.   It is well worth a much closer look by all you and putting focus into it.

It will not take up your time the way Facebook does as you are not conversing with others and typing responses etc...  Pinning 30 times a day would be optimal.  Wow, I thought the same thing.  Where will I find time to pin 30 times a day.

Once complete, you will have a quick and effective system in place to use Pinterest to your advantage. You won't be burdened under yet another platform.

First Impression

Remember, you only get one chance for a positive first impression!   Grab their attention with great imagery and a strong call to action.

People eat with their eyes.  When the waiter brings out your food in a restaurant, most people decide if they are going to like the food as the waiter sets it down in front of them.  Appearance is everything.

First Impressions

Clear Your Mind

To be able to grasp the potential of Pinterest, I need you to forget the preconceived notions that you have. Forget about the discounts, promos or giveaways.  Pinterest is about driving traffic based on buyer need, desire, and relevance.  

This is about generating interest in your product because it is the best product available. Your buyer needs what you have and has found it already before arriving in the marketplace.  They have found you based on appearance and benefits.  

This type of cold referral traffic is not dead cold as they are aware of who you are before they get to your product.  There is a level of implied trust there already before they get to your actual listing.  They get funneled right to your listing.  Make sure your listing is ready to convert them.

PRO TIP:   Pinterest drives FREE traffic very well.  However, you cannot overlook the value of doing some Promoted Pins. Marketing on Pinterest is different than any other platform you use.

When you run a promoted pin, people can pin this to their boards.  Once you stop paying to run the promoted pin, it is not removed from their boards.  

Promoted Pins are the bonus that keeps giving over and over.  They have a 160% longer shelf life than regular ads elsewhere.  Where else can an ad continue to generate traffic long after you stop running it?

What To Expect From This Workshop

I would hope that you now see the value in Pinterest as a method to drive traffic and interest for your products. 

  • This workshop will cover how to maximize your exposure on Pinterest
  • Optimization of pins and boards to satisfy the Pinterest algorithm for increased engagement and reach.
  • You will learn how to maximize the potential of every pin and board that you create
  • How to boost your following
  • Understanding the steps necessary to maximize engagement.
  • You will have the tools and checklists to manage Pinterest
  • You will have a road map of how to easily manage Pinterest in a minimal amount of time yet be effective
  • How to avoid common mistakes
  • Worksheets, checklists, action plan, and links to many helpful tools 

Expect to finish this workshop and have the knowledge to create results with Pinterest.  You may decide to hire a VA to do this work for you or you might decide to hire a service.  Either way, you will know what to expect from them and can direct them to focus where it needs to be while holding them accountable.


At the end of each lesson, we give you a task and the tools needed to complete it.  The tasks are the implementation of what you have just learned in the module.  

Save the worksheets as you fill them out. You will use them throughout the workshop and after. They will be all come together at the end forming everything needed to get great results from Pinterest. 

Lesson Essentials

You may need too enable popups.

Your first worksheet includes general questions about your business, audience, and goals. Please take the time to fill that out now. It will be used throughout the workshop.

At the end of this workshop, you will be well on your way to utilizing the power of Pinterest to generate a lot of traffic. 

Next Lesson: Understanding Your Audience and Goals

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Workshop Content

Introduction 1 Lesson

Pinterest Introduction

You are probably fairly familiar with social platforms.   As new ones pop up, you may be quick to say to yourself to hold off before jumping on yet another social platform.  If you are familiar with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, then you understand how they work.  Pinterest is not one of them.   Pinterest has developed into an entirely different type of platform.

Foundation 4 Lessons

Understanding Your Audience and Goals

Updated September 2020  New changes on Pinterest and the overall progression of things have led to the need to update the workshop.    Bare with me as I update certain parts with the vid to follow after

Create Your Profile

Using the right profile type is the first step to a proper foundation for your Pinterest account. Defining your position and what you are trying to get across makes it a much easier decision whether to share or not share information. It either fits into your image or it doesn't. The people that benefit the most (lovers of your blog, list members, buyers of your products, clients) will be able to find your profile. 

Pinterest Structure And Components

Pinterest has changed a lot of the years.  Particularly this year.  Dominating on Pinterest now is completely different than it was just last year.  This is due to many new features that have advanced Pinterest to become a powerful tool.   No longer just a simple image sharing site.  Advances in site dynamics have led to Pinterest emerging as the top predictive visual search engine.  Take advantage of this before your competition does.

Building A Winning Strategy

You now understand the basics of Pinterest and the different components.  This module is about building a winning strategy beginning day 1 that focuses all of your efforts towards exposure , engagement new business prospects and traffic.  If you understand how the system works and what it looks for, hitting those requirements puts you ahead of the pack and quite possibly about to mushroom the amount of traffic that you are not yet receiving.

Set & Optimize The Components 5 Lessons

SEO For Pinterest

The Pinterest Search Algorithm is similar to others - it is very complex.  It is not just a cut and dry explanation.  There are certain known factors involved though which this lesson will cover in depth.

Understanding these factors and how you influence them along with the layout of your boards and pins is how you dominate Pinterest and drive traffic.  Engagement , relevancy, high quality content are central to all objectives on Pinterest as it define their core purpose.

Creating Powerful Titles, Sharing Content & Key Trends

Post titles need to focus on the result / transformation / end goal (however simple it may be). For example, don’t write “20 Pinterest tips,” instead write “20 Pinterest tips to boost your traffic today.”  Your product listings, ads should all be the same way. focus on the end result of making the purchase, I'm not buying paint stripper because I like the smell or because it is safe to pour down the drain when finished, I'm buying it for the clean usable surface that will be left after so I can do whatever I am going to do next to the surface.  Focus on that clean usable surface.

Creating Optimized Boards & Using Group Boards

Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Many of you might be wondering why we are going over creating boards before we go over creating pins and optimizing them. This goes back to our strategies and goals.  Maximizing the structure provided by Pinterest means starting from the top down planning it out first.  That means it starts with Boards and research to lay out our keyword map.

Dominating with The Smart Feed & Search

The Smart Feed is the grid of pins that you see when you first log in. It shows you high-value pins with the most engagement first in the topics you have followed and your recent searches.    This is very important, it doesn't show the newest pins, it shows the pins with the highest engagement.  

Viral Graphics And SEO Optimized Images

Since Pinterest is a very visual platform, the quality of your images is VERY important.   It’s one of the biggest factors in whether or not your pins become popular.   These items not only apply to the images you create for your own content but also the content you’re pinning from other people. This means that even if a post is incredible, but it has a crappy image that does not follow these guidelines, it should not end up in your pins. 

Maximizing Potential 4 Lessons

20+ Ways To Boost Your Following

Remember your original pins are shown to your followers first.  Their engagement influences the algorithm on where else and how often if shows your pin to other users that have not yet seen it.  This list contains different ways to grow your following.  It is a live doc - meaning we will keep this updated with the best ways to grow traffic as we create them or we learn of them from others

Rich And Promoted Pins

Rich Pins and Promoted Pins both offer specific advantages over regular Pins.  Rich Pins cost you nothing if you have a site.  Take advantage of them as they are a definite advantage specifically for Products.   Promoted Pins are paid pins, however they are the gift that keeps on giving....

Take Action Today – Apply to Pinterest, Your Content, & Your Products To Set Your Future In Motion

This lesson specifically is about things you can do right away if you already have a Pinterest account.  Otherwise, you need to get the account up and established before you are able to move forward with these items.  However there are things you can do to your content and products to make it all come together.

Recommendations and What To Expect If Using A Managed Solution

Do I need a Social Media Specialist?  That depends on multiple factors.  How do I do this, it seems like a ton of work?  It is and it is not. Organization and a plan of action are vital.  This lesson will explore options as they may apply to your situation.  It also explains the Social Media Specialist or Pinterest VA position and how to structure the position if you go that route.