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Influencer Marketing Strategy 2022- Our Best Tips and Ideas   

Suppose you came here for help, looking for Influencer Marketing Strategy, tips, and ideas on maximizing the potential of your collaboration with social media influencers. In that case, you are in the right place. Successful Influencer marketing is a partnership between the brand and influencer.   

Influencer Marketing is when a single person or entity uses its authority to share your products with thousands, even millions of followers that trust their recommendations. The influencer introduces their audience to the brand promoting the brand messaging, product or service, and content.

What Is Influencer Marketing Strategy?

Influencer marketing strategy is the various methods used with the different influencers to reach their followers, create engagement and promote your brand and products. Typically, a brand reaches out to a fraction of the influencer's followers on one channel.  

This article lays out multiple strategies and examples to maximize the benefits of your campaign with more effective coverage across various channels. This often expands your reach beyond just their followers, appealing to people aware of them but who may not follow them.

Is Influencer Marketing New?

Influencer Marketing had occurred long before the Internet started. However, it has reached a new level of importance lately because it is very effective online. Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, TikTok, and YouTube are just a few platforms where brands can work with influencers to grow their brand engagement. The following statistics speak volumes about how people see influencers:

  • 49% of consumers think an influencer recommendation is more trustworthy than a brand recommendation. (Cure Media)
  • 40% of millennials feel that relevant influencers know them better than their friends
  • 44% of consumers feel more positive about a brand that uses influencers in their marketing strategy. (Cure Media)
  • 70% of teens on YouTube trust content creators more than celebrities. (Google)
  • 75% of consumers trust recommendations they see on social media posts, including both influencers and their social circles
  • 92% of respondents find peer reviews and user feedback the most credible purchase guidance.

Many brands mistake success from a campaign as likes, shares, and some brand mentions.   If that is your only strategy, you fail to see the actual value of working with influencers.   As you will see, a well-planned out strategy means maximizing the engagement opportunities available during your influencer marketing campaigns.

We teach companies how to scale influencer marketing with a small army of influencers helping to drive engagement and build your brand's audience.

After an influencer marketing campaign, it can be gratifying to see your brand stories mentioned by others in the community, receive positive press, and receive professional coverage.   It benefits your brand through increased exposure, higher authority, the introduction of the brand to new audiences, and increased ROI plus conversions.

This article is part of our series Influencer Marketing – The Ultimate Guide.  Learn how to utilize social media platforms and influencers effectively in 2022.    Use our guide, downloads and resources to set up a successful influencer marketing program for your Ecommerce business.

How Do You Develop An Influencer Marketing Strategy?

You've done the research and work to find the right type of influencers in your niche; how will they use their social influence to help grow brand awareness?   What strategies will they use to promote your company in their community?   Are there new top platforms that they may use?   We get these questions often.   You must determine the goals before beginning your social media campaign. 

Utilizing the strategies laid out in this article, maximize your campaigns' benefits, effectiveness, and reach.   It should never be about a few shout-outs only.   When you clearly understand your personas and avatars, utilizing the influencer-created content across channels and platforms becomes easier to grasp and more effective.  

Make sure that you balance your goals and expectations against your budget and expected costs.   Extend your budget so you have enough products on hand and can afford the social media influencer and make a profit for your Ecommerce business.

Todays' leading influencers like Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson can pull in up to $850k per post, which is higher than the Kardashian/Jenner women.   One post, though, from someone like the Rock could send your logistics into a tailspin.   We suggest getting your feet wet with up-and-coming influencers to learn the ropes. 

Influencer campaigns usually are top to middle funnel.   The key to a successful Instagram or influencer campaign is clear expectations.   What exactly will they do for you? What is the typical engagement rate? How will you measure ROI?

When choosing the right influencers to partner with, ask them what type of content their audience and following responds to the best.   Good, experienced influencers will help determine what kind of content to use.

Influencer Marketing Strategy Tips

Involve them in the brand stories.   We prefer that, but it must be approved and aligned with your brand messaging. This is always the best place to start.

Will the approach target the right audience on the appropriate channels?   Will it give you any ongoing benefits and achieve a positive ROI?   There are many ways to work with relevant influencers that benefit both of you.

It is key that you have clear objectives defined by the channel before engaging with the influencer and incorporate this into your influencer strategy.

Why Scale Your Influencer Marketing Campaigns?

Many sellers mistake creating a short one-and-done agreement with an Instagram influencer.  The half-life of an Instagram post is several hours. In most cases, the one-and-done approach is ineffective because it has minimal lasting benefit. 

The ultimate goal is that potential buyers interact with your branded content multiple times before they reach the decision stage of their journey.  Your ideal audience must see your brand mentioned in numerous places, requiring scaling up your influencer campaigns. 

Listed below are strategies intended to help you engage your potential buyers, utilizing the effectiveness of the different influencer marketing strategies.

The Best Influencer Marketing Strategies For Ecommerce Brands In 2022

Your imagination only limits the influencer marketing strategies you employ.
Listed below are just some of the methods we have used over the years.

25+ Influencer Marketing Strategy Examples For Ecommerce

  1. 1
    Brand Mentions - The purpose of an influencer marketing campaign, to begin with, is to leverage the trust and authority that an influencer has over their specific audience. A well-timed brand mention can extend a brands' exposure and trust in the community. If it is a good fit and you give them some creative freedom, it can increase your follower countengagement rate, and drive new customers to your web page.

    A follower trusts the influencer and their recommendation.   The traffic and conversions generated are warm, so you benefit from their authority.   Most of the time, people see the value and trust the recommendation without researching reviews.   The traffic from their followers doesn't need reviews to purchase, but they are easier to get reviews from post-sale.
  2. 2
    Sponsored Blog Posts - If the influencer you choose is well known with the right amount of reach and engagement, their name will have search volume.   If that is the case, how can you leverage this for traffic?   One idea is to create a new sponsored blog post based on the time and experience partnering together to add to your website.   You can format it as an interview where you can interview them.

    Another way to benefit would be a press release. If you don't have a website, point the press release at your marketplace listing.   The backlinks will help your listing now and in the future, plus it is great for lead generation.
  3. 3
    Sponsored Reviews -  Ask your influencer to create a detailed review for you once they have had the product.   This would be a sponsored review.   By law, they have to indicate that they have received the product to do the review.  They can add the top tips to get the most value from the product or stories with examples of what is best for them.
  4. 4
    Sponsor A Podcast Series - Most brands do not consider podcasts when they think about an influencer partnership.   Here is a valuable tip, podcasts are popular and easy to reach your target audience.   Podcasts also are listened to multiple times now and in the future.   Plus, it is much easier for a listener to see the value of a product or service when it is explained to them.

    The initial audience of many podcasters is that of a micro-influencer, but as they gain popularity, new listeners will go back and listen to every episode.   These can be very affordable, depending on your budget.
  5. 5
    Branded Post - Write a branded post on the influencer's blog.   If the marketing campaign is successful and they have their blog, offer to create an article or testimonial to post on their site. It is a great example of showing the value that working with them can offer.   You both get links out of it, and it is social proof for their business as well.
  6. 6
    Account Takeover - Coordinate an account takeover allowing the influencer to post on your behalf on the brand account.   A takeover enables the influencer to showcase a feed that isn't hyper-curated.   The goal is for the feed to become more real-life and less of a business resource to trigger interest among the influencer's regular followers.   We often see business profiles and feeds that are nothing but sales announcements that do nothing to extend reach, gain trust, or foster engagement.
  7. 7
    Like/Share Different Content - Have them promote your current and past content.   Ask the influencer to like and share your content. Influencers can share other content you post or ask them to share your most important content.   This can impact post ranking and your results in the feeds of others and increase the distribution of new and old content.
  8. 8
    Pinterest Idea Pins & Instagram Stories Pinterest introduced ideas pins in 2021 and just announced idea ads too.   Inspirational idea pins give users all of the information they need on Pinterest.   An idea pin can have up to 20 pages of images, video, text, sounds, stickers, and more and is great for promoting content or products.   Since Pinterest is encouraging the creation of idea pins, use them to your advantage.   Group your quality content to tell a story.   Keep in mind though idea pins are not clickable.   Tell a story with your idea pins, include your branded hashtags, and have a strong CTA on the final pages of the pin.  

    Instagram stories follow the same basic concept and the content can be repurposed between them. Stories allow clickable link stickers which is a big change.  Create templates using your brand colors, fonts and styles for consistency across the different social networks.
  9. 9
    Cross-post - Cross-post each other's posts across channels.   Make sure that you get ownership of anything that they create for you.
    Instagram posts have a short lifespan.   Do not work with an influencer if all you are getting is one or two shout-outs.

    This should be something that has some future value as well.   Something as simple as posting the same content on Pinterest extends the life of the content by seven months.  If they have Instagram, they also have Facebook and can easily share across channels.   Target multiple platforms with your campaigns.   Search where your audience might congregate the most, such as forums.   Use 
    findaforum and boardreader to find appropriate forums.   Can the content be shared there as well?
  10. 10
    Amazon Posts - Ask the influencer to create some Amazon Post content.  Present a consistent look and message across all of your media and channels. It increases brand recognition and trust. Help your potential buyers find value in your products.  The goal is for your customers to know they can find your company where they prefer to shop.  A consistent look across channels and platforms is key.   Amazon posts are essential for your Amazon business and another one of the tools that you shouldn't overlook.
  11. 11
    Amazon Live - Amazon reintroduced its QVC-style video feature live program during COVID-19.  Influencers go on their channel and review, test, and pitch products.  It can be a positive experience for sellers when you choose the right influencer and expectations are clear and set out.

    An advantage of Amazon is that you reach consumers who already have a purchase intent. Amazon live usually features multiple products per video. Carefully evaluate the influencer.   Are they a micro-influencer or a macro-influencer? Many times the sales from influencer marketing are not immediate, depending on the influencer.  Carefully assess their audience to ensure it aligns with your goals and budget.
  12. 12
    How-To & Instructional Video's - How-to & Instructional videos are the number 1 content type social media users, and your audience wants the influencer they follow to create.  People love to learn new methods to try out and learn about new resources.  Videos are easily shared and can generate quite a bit of engagement.  How-to and instructional content are the perfect tools and resources that turn browsers into customers. They also boost your SEO since a video guide can drive traffic to product pages for years to come.
  13. 13
    Video Content - Every medium that content is produced on will have its audience that prefers that format and can influence ROI. Video content is viral and can lead to conversions.   Converting some of your printed content to video using the Hemingway app repurposes your content to appeal to other audiences in your specific niche.   Not only can they post YouTube videos to their own channel, but yours also.   Most social channels encourage video content now, and unboxing videos or haul videos created by YouTube influencers are popular.   .

    YouTube unboxing stars like MKDHD with his 15.3 million subscribers might be untouchable now for the typical seller.   But, in 2009, when he was 14 years old with 10k followers, he did an unboxing for me that generated approx. 25k visits and helped launch a new product that occasionally gets traffic from the 14-year-old video.   In the sample image below, you will notice that his latest video was viewed a whopping 1.9 million times within the first two days.  In the same image, I've included a novice micro-influencer, Michu, with only 28k subscribers, but notice her latest video has 45k views.   Like podcasts, users will often go back and watch years' worth of old broadcasts.
Selena Gomez Representing Coach As The Face Of The Brand

Selena Gomez Representing Coach As The Face Of The Brand - Photo Courtesy Elle

Haul & Unboxing Videos Work Great For Ecommerce

Haul & Unboxing Videos Work Great For Ecommerce

  1. 14
    The Face of the Brand - You will come across different influencers, some better than others. Occasionally, you will meet the perfect fit for your brand. Develop a long-term relationship with that influencer and make them the face of the brand.

    For example, Selena Gomez is the face of Coach, Stuart Vevers, the creative director at Coach felt she was representative of the brand's users. When they share her image with one of their products to her 141 million followers, engagement doubles, sales go up, and it will have millions of views in just a few hours.  
  2. 15
    Glowups - Glowups are very popular.   So popular that Netflix has a show about it.   Grownups don't apply to all products, but they can be very effective for those who do. Glowups are before and after depictions.   They work exceptionally well with nutrition, weight loss, fitness, and other categories.   Instagram influencers like to do them quite a bit.  They also work well on TikTok, Snapchat. YouTube and others.
  3. 16
    Contests - Partner with micro-influencers and promote a product giveaway. Entry is usually for participants to follow your brand.  Add virality by giving them additional entries for sharing and tagging a friend.  Contests work very well across Ecommerce platforms and convert very well. They work well on Facebook, but distribution is better on Instagram and other platforms.   Run your contest across multiple channels simultaneously so more people are exposed to it, and you can grow additional followers.
  4. 17
    Thought Leadership - A thought leader focuses on becoming an expert in their category.  They become one by projecting their expertise, credibility, and knowledge.  An influencer tells the brand story of others and has to maintain trust with their followers. In some cases, the influencer you chose may only focus on your category of products.   If this is the case, help them become thought leaders by helping them with webinars and traction. The more that you help them, the more they will help you. You are partners with similar goals.  The closer you work together, the more people you can impact and the followers you both will reach.
  5. 18
    Take A Stand - Consider whether creating some controversy regarding your topic will get the proper coverage.    Taking a stand on a particular subject can be good if done correctly.   Don't touch politics, religion, sexuality, or any polarizing topics.   Instead, if you are going to take a stand on something, it will be more effective if relevant to your category.
  6. 19
    User-Generated Content - Source user-generated content from influencers, bloggers, and most of all from buyers themselves.   UGC posted on social media serves as social proof.    Remember, a Social Media Week survey found that 75% of consumers trust recommendations they see on social media channels, including both influencers and their social circles.

    Social proof from strangers carries more weight on a potential buyer's mind than reviews on the product listing itself or anything a business says about itself.   Consider using
    TikTok marketing which enables you to promote user-generated content using the Spark Ad type.  In a perfect world, having enough influencers and brand ambassadors producing content for your social channels takes much pressure off of you.
  7. 20
    Affiliate Marketing - Affiliate Marketing is an excellent payment method for your Influencer Marketing Campaign.   One thing that we have done many times is to set a goal with the influencer for referrals.   We will double the affiliate commission amount if they meet or beat the plans.   This works very well with excellent and confident influencers in their abilities.

    Another option is to continue as an affiliate once the initial marketing strategy campaign goal is achieved ends.   Think about it. You are both posting content that lives on after the campaign.   This gives them a method of earning residual income after the partnership ends.
  8. 21
    Brand Ambassador - Convert loyal customers to brand ambassadors.  Brand Ambassadors are long-term influencers that get compensated as an affiliate. Brand ambassadors typically start as a customer who loves your product. They usually already advocate for your brand online. They share their experiences with your products on an ongoing long-term basis vs. an influencer that might have a much shorter-term agreement.  Brand ambassadors can produce the content to reuse across your branded channels.
  9. 22
    Non-Profit or Fundraising Event - Does your brand support non-profits?  Do you try to identify opportunities to partner with non Ecommerce businesses that appeal to your audience?  Donating a portion of sales or participating in fundraisers while involving your influencers and brand ambassadors is a great way to generate goodwill.   It will expand your reach to people that might otherwise come in contact with your brand. This can be the perfect first impression of your company for potential customers.   Make sure you collaborate with your influencer or brand ambassador on these events.
  10. 23
    Media coverage - Media Coverage can also present a great first impression of your company for your target customers.   Influencer posts about it and their sharing of the coverage can boost brand awareness.   It is also suitable for influencers because they can network with influential people and possibly industry experts.
  11. 24
    Public Events - Whenever you are involved in a public event, it can be helpful to have your influencers or brand ambassadors there with you. Public events are an excellent opportunity for your influencers and brand ambassador to help you get the word out and interact with as many people as possible.  It also gives them a chance to network with others and, in a sense, grow their brand also. 
  12. 25
    Limited Editions - Do you have an influencer you previously worked with who did a great job?   If so, consider working with them again, except this time running a limited edition variation of your product.   If they are reasonable, this can go quite well.   Since it is a limited quantity, you can use FOMO marketing(fear of missing out), plus Id considers raising the price and selling it only through your website.   Many times this can be an easy way to give your bottom line a nice added bump.
  13. 26
    *Bonus* - Tradeshows - Tradeshows are an often overlooked bonanza of opportunity for a business and a great way for brands to gain more followers.   At public-facing tradeshows, you typically have a chance to interact with multiple variations of your buyer personas live.   You can test social messaging, test your media, probe them for intent and motivations, get immediate feedback and test different approaches in the space of the few day-long show.

    For this reason, we feel tradeshows are and should be an all-hands-on-deck event.  Not only do you want influencers present, but also brand ambassadors and employees.  Go into it with clear purpose and messaging and set a goal to engage with as many people as possible. The potential marketing benefits for your business and future campaigns make tradeshows well worth the time.
  14. 27
    *Bonus* - Influencer Curated 'Best of' Guides - All Ecommerce businesses should be seeking inclusion on influencer curated 'Best of and Best Gifts for' type lists and articles.   These guides are a great way to get your products recommended to new buyers all year long.   They are also great backlinks. These backlinks last for as long as the page stays up, usually for years.HINT: Google loves these posts and guides and will typically rank them very well.   The potential for traffic can be very high.

*BONUS* - Boost Your Digital Marketing Strategy With Gamification

Would you consider boosting the effectiveness of your best influencers by 50x, 100x, or even 500x for a very low amount? Do you sell an expensive product and cannot afford to give many away? Gamification may solve your problem.

Utilizing influencer contests, you would award points per action, 5 points per shout-out, per share, and per like. They get 150 points if they purchase and 100 more for a review. If they create a separate unboxing video, they earn 100 points and 10 points for every share on other platforms.

We want to encourage building backlinks. We will give them 150 points for every gift guide they create and share that has your product.

influencer marketing gamification

Once they reach 500 points, reimburse them for the product's purchase price. Reimbursement requires them to have already created value for you. The contest lasts for three months. The person with the most points over a minimum number wins $2500 plus an ongoing influencer collaboration agreement with you. Is it worth it?

Don't forget the free exposure from all the people who entered but didn't win—launching a new product? How many of your past buyers would be interested in an upgrade? Would they be willing to be in your contest?

This works very well with nano-influencers and micro-influencers. It is not that difficult to set up. Each influencer gets a branded hashtag that has to be on everything they post, share and like to be counted.

All of the shares and shout-outs will surely benefit your brand, plus it will drive your posts up in ranking due to engagement. Do you see how beneficial this can be for you?

*Influencer Marketing Strategy BONUS* - Whitelisting

Whitelisting lets you use influencer-created content as sponsored posts on their influencer's ad account.  You access the influencer’s online identity (audience, metrics, and voice).   This gives you full control over the influencer's posts, and it can extend the lifespan of those posts significantly. 

This has added benefits for both of you.   The typical Influencer marketing campaign involves organically appealing to the influencer's existing audience.   With whitelisting, you can use it to retarget their audience.  However, it is intended to be used to reach people that don't already follow the influencer but who are part of your combined target audience.   You will take over their ad account and appeal to people that do not follow the influencer.   

This is the best of both worlds of influencer marketing because you are reaching out to new audiences and are not capped by their follower list.   Their look-alike audiences should have a far greater reach than yours and be much more granular in relevant details.  It is also social proof.  An ad campaign runs through an influencers account is a direct sign to users that the influencer supports and recommends your brand and product.

Influencers should be more open and motivated to create content for you because you are helping them promote themselves in addition to your brand.  You are spending money to support and help them grow.

Helping Social Media Influencers Maximize Effectiveness

Our typical marketing campaign with micro-influencers or nano-influencers will focus on their primary platform regardless of Tiktok, Snapchat, Facebook, or Instagram. We will generally start out researching hashtags on a site like Iqhashtags.com. We also will use an influencer marketing platform like Referazon.

We are looking for Amazon influencers to get them to work for commission. We pay for performance with influencers. We will give them some free products, and they make commissions using their affiliate account. Ideally, they have accounts across multiple social platforms and are bloggers too.

After talking with the influencer, we set performance goals with rewards. If they beat the agreed-upon plan, we will double or triple the commission amount they receive. This can be a very successful tactic if suitable for your niche. Think about it, if they do a good job, you both make more, and it's a win-win relationship.

Often, influencers can sell raffle tickets to enter contests to win a product or hold a mini-auction and give it to the highest bidder. The savvy influencers realize that they may sell far more raffle tickets than the product is worth. We tell them we are sending them two free products. We specifically mention raffling one-off because it can give their earnings a severe bump.

For example, we gave an off-road Jeep club a set of exhaust headers to raffle to their group. As the manufacturer, my clients' cost is meager. The headers themselves retail for close to $300. The Jeep club raised over $2500 just from the raffle ticket sales. Add that to their commissions for recommending the product to their 40,000 members. They did very well. It was indeed a win-win. You will find that you need to educate the influencer about the value of doing a raffle.

Download your Influencer Marketing Strategy Checklist

Influencer Marketing Strategies Provide More Benefits When Scaled

Whatever influencer marketing strategy you create to extend the reach and results of your campaigns must be planned with the right goals and audience in mind. The key will be to identify and target channels popular with the people that need your product the most.

First, make sure your goals and expectations are clear. When building a marketing campaign with influencers, find the time to identify the best people to get engagement, reach, and followers on the right platforms. Make sure you find the best social influencers and provide them with the tools and content to promote to their followers. Add value with excellent blog content. Help them build great stories that their community will react to.   Our list of the best influencer marketing tools and platforms will help you get things done faster

Build the right relationship with an effective partner like a micro-influencer and then scale what is working best. Consumers believe influencers, friends, and even strangers before considering a brand. Utilize the content created for you to distribute across multiple channels and assets. Expose your potential audience to their messaging as much as possible .

Social media marketing for Ecommerce can be a brutal waste of time for your business when not done well. It is not easy at first, and you must learn to manage well. As outlined above, you see there are many options. Work smarter, not harder.

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