Ecommerce Optimizer Article and Knowledge Base – 2021

Resources, Articles and Knowledge Base to help you compete and succeed in selling online.  What was once much easier, now takes skill, hard work, and determination.  
If you are new to Ecommerce or find yourself struggling, start with the resources section and focus on reviewing or defining your Unique Selling Proposition, your Buyer Persona's or Avatar's, and get a general understanding of your Buyer's Journey.  
If that seems foreign to you, it is all the more reason why spending a Saturday going through it will only benefit you.  These are items that should be reviewed at least once a year anyway.
Each section below contains articles and helpful guides designed to strengthen your skills and understanding which should free your business of it's dependence on any one market or marketplace.    
It is far from the global marketplace that big clueless businessmen like to call it as we still have borders, laws and language barriers, however people have become enlightened in many areas of the world and new markets are expanding as you read this.  
Check back often as we publish new, extensive articles & methods to help you take your business to the next level!