Save Your Account With The Amazon Email And Policy Guide [2020]

Amazon Account Email List

Save Your Amazon Account With The Amazon Account Email List And Policy Guide is another post in our series, Dominating Amazon Product Listings and one of the many Free Resources that we make available. This post is a must-have reference for resolving issues initiated by you or Amazon itself that will disrupt your business. Updated 1/2020

Topics already addressed include the different Business Models availableAmazon Product Ranking, New Product Launch Lists, & creating Product Listing Bundles.   Additional posts covering competitive analysis, keyword & listing optimization, copy-writing, audience targeting and more will follow.

Save Your Amazon Account

As a seller, the ability to Save Your Amazon Account selling status is a skill no one wants or expects to ever utilize. Inevitably, at some point most sellers receive some sort of major violation email from Amazon, justified or not.    To make matters worse, the majority of the time, the department responsible is all but impossible to contact and Seller Support does what it does best, provide very little assistance and close cases out of seller frustration.    

Listed below are email addresses that go directly to inner departments responsible for enforcement and resolution.   Use the Amazon Insider Contact List information wisely.   Do not spam them and do not lie or misrepresent the truth.   Contact them with all of your supporting documents available and ready.   

Amazon Account Email List

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos

What Amazon contact list would be complete without a way to contact the man himself?   Don't fool yourself, he probably does not read these.   But they are read by his executive office staff and they are followed up on in most cases.   Only to be used in extreme cases, these emails usually take weeks for a response, although I have received a next day response recently.  My past experience with this has always been very positive results until recently due to the AI responses being sent.  Here it is, do not abuse it.    [email protected]

Account Appeal

Brand trademark infringement:

[email protected]

After the infringement of intellectual property rights

US: [email protected]
UK: [email protected]
FR:  [email protected]
DE: [email protected]
IT:   [email protected]
ES:  [email protected]
IN:  [email protected]
MX: [email protected]

Get the unpaid earnings after your account is closed by Amazon:

[email protected]

Appeal for payment after an account is closed:

US: [email protected]
CA: [email protected]
UK: [email protected]
FR:  [email protected]
DE: [email protected]
IT:   [email protected]
ES:  [email protected]
IN:  [email protected]
MX: [email protected]

Value Bomb

Amazon sellers live and die based on Amazon Search Engine results, commonly known as A9. To master selling on Amazon, you must fully understand the direction of the driving force behind all that is Amazon itself. Pay attention to posted mission and value statements as they identify what the algorithm is currently focused on.  

The following is the current statement on Results and Ranking:

"One of A9's tenets is that relevance is in the eye of the customer and we strive to get the best results for our users. Once we determine which items are good matches to the customer’s query, our ranking algorithms score them to present the most relevant results to the user.

Our ranking algorithms automatically learn to combine multiple relevance features. Our catalog’s structured data provides us with many such relevance features and we learn from past search patterns and adapt to what is important to our customers."

Amazon Policy Links

Amazon: Friend Or Foe

Many Amazon sellers mistakenly think Amazon is their business partner in some fashion. Make no mistake, Amazon is not your partner, it is your competition.

You are selling on a platform that sells right along side of you and mines your data for gems. Amazon thinks nothing of producing its' own product based on the results of your success while taking your market-share right out from under your nose.

Brand registry is worthless in this situation.  So what can a seller do to protect themselves?  The best thing a seller can do to protect themselves both on Amazon and against Amazon is to diversify off of Amazon.  Having a presence elsewhere that you sell on or at least establish a site for your business.  

Posting images of your products helps to build you brand.  It also is a deterrent against hijackers as they see you have more leverage when your brand collateral is in more than one location.

A9 Algorithm

Amazon is by design an algorithm created to be automated and function on its' own.

The best way to describe it is to think of it as a ball rolling down a track, To get to the bottom, Account Health, the ball repeatedly goes through different gates as it moves along which are dependent on different metrics and KPI's being satisfied. Missing any standard or ticking any violation opens different more complicated paths for the account to travel.

Right or wrong, this sets in motion a myriad of possibilities and at times penalties.

Account Restoration & Services

The path to account restoration can be very complicated and impossible to navigate. We have our own Amazon contacts developed over the years and have specific paths we take to ensure client success. However, we teach clients to aggressively manage their accounts and operate within the rules.   The ability to get your selling privileges reinstated right away is tantamount to maintaining rank and position.

Even with the years of experience that we have between all of us, sometimes, outside assistance becomes necessary. The knowledge and patience needed to navigate the Amazon minefield overwhelms the best of intentions. Over the years, businesses and professionals have developed and focus on this as a specialty.

Listed below are the best in the business in terms of getting Accounts Reinstated, Reviewed, POA Assistance, IP Infringement, and Hijacker Defense

Chris McCabe - EcommerceChris
Ed Rosenberg  - Amazon Sellers Group
Cynthia Stine -  Egrowth Partners

Wrapping It Up

Face it, selling on Amazon can be a slippery slope.  You need the knowledge and practice technique that will keep your account healthy.    But understand actions produce consequences and sometimes things out of your control will occur.  

The best defense is diversity in your business and a backup plan.  A smart business person always has a backup plan.  If you wake up and your selling privileges are permanently suspended, what is your plan of action?  If you have not considered it, you need to start!   

Have solutions that can help others avoid these problems?  Please leave them in the comments below!

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